[change_log date=”April 10, 2018″]

  • Changed the layout of Ryviu dashboard
  • Added Theme default to review page

[change_log date=”March 10, 2018″]

  • Added Feature reviews option for the Special page.
  • Added Hide image URL option from Aliexpress, Amazon

[change_log date=”January 15, 2018″]

  • Import reviews by countries.
  • Select the number of reviews when exporting reviews from Aliexpress.
  • Import reviews from Aliexpress/Amazon product links on Ryviu dashboard and Shopify Product page


[change_log date=”November 25, 2017″]

  • Add image when editing review.
  • Reply review from My reviews page.
  • Import reviews from Amazon product by using Plus button (+) on Ryviu dashboard for Unlimited Plan.


[change_log date=”October 16, 2017″]

  • System Optimization, Improved Reviews for Customers.
  • Add new feature: Real-time notice in action (Like, Dislike, Write reviews, Reply reviews) for all visitor
  • Fix some small bugs


[change_log date=”September 21, 2017″]

  • Added Masonry Theme

[change_log date=”September 15, 2017″]

  • Added Clear Theme
  • Fixed style issues
  • Fixed mobile layout issues


[change_log date=”September 8, 2017″]

  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved performance, optimize the system.
  • Upgraded UI Ryviu Dashboard
  • Fixed affiliate bug and upgraded it
  • Added more features to “My Reviews”


[change_log date=”September 4, 2017″]

  • Released Questions & Answers add-ons
  • Fixed loading speed


[change_log date=”May 5, 2017″]

  • Released Upload Photos on write reviews form
  • Added stars filter on Product Reviews Platform by Reviews
  • Upgraded UI Ryviu Dashboard
  • Add review ratings to your Google search results
  • Advance settings system, you can edit themes and styles for your reviews listing as you want easily
  • Lightbox for customer reviews photo
  • Sort reviews on your product page


[change_log date=”Mar 24, 2017″]

  • Released Product Reviews Platform app by Ryviu on Shopify


[change_log date=”Feb 13, 2017″]

  • Released Ryviu Platform


[change_log date=”Nov 26, 2016″]

  • Released Ryviu Beta Version


[change_log date=”Nov 23, 2016″]

  • Wrote first line code of Ryviu