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Product Review Platform by Ryviu – An effective tool to boost the ROI of your business


According to studies, online reviews play an indispensable role in impacting the decision of a customer while making a purchase. In case you are running a small business, the biggest hurdle you require overcoming is convincing the customers that the experience with the company will be outshining that of more established or larger competitors. Hence, it is a prerequisite to building the credibility of the business in order to enhance the profits of the business. Reviews from real customers confer companies the element of trustworthiness that customers are looking for.

Customer review widget plays an indispensable role in this aspect as it aids in displaying reviews from genuine customers. You are sure to find more buyers interested in your product as you opt for these widgets for your website.

There are a plethora of benefits you can procure with the installation of these widgets on your website. Take a look!

To stand ahead of your competitors

The competition is becoming more fierce in the online marketing space with every passing day. Hence, it is crucial to stand out in the crowd to attain higher revenue from your business. This can be achieved through honest and authentic voices of the happy customers. People tend to know from each other regarding the quality of the product, and not from other brands. As you update these widgets on your website, you will be able to establish trust with potential buyers.

To boost the ROI of your business

These widgets count to be a great option to enhance the revenue of your business. Reviews that are written by authentic customers establish trust with the new shoppers which aid in enhancing sales. The new buyers will have a better insight about your products with the reviews which enable them purchasing in bulk from your business and referring you to others. Install these widgets and you will be convinced there is no better way to enhance the Return on Investment from the business.

To enhance the traffic to your website

Apart from increasing the conversion rate, these customer widgets are beneficial in drawing potential customers to the website in no time. Buyers prefer browsing through the thoughts and feelings of other buyers prior to purchasing a product. These widgets are the best options to achieve them without wasting the valuable time of customers in searching hither and thither. With a wide number of reviews on your website, customers will be more interested in your products, thereby raising the traffic flow to your website.

A boost in your Google ranking

As your website has a bunch of reviews, it will affect the ranking on Google in a positive way. As your website is placed in the prominent pages of a search engine. There is a lot your website can do with the aid of customer review widget.

Ryviu is considered to be one of the worth mentioning customer review widget by which you will be able to import reviews from Amazon and Aliexpress to your Shopify website. Now that you know you can fetch these widgets for your website and display the report card responses of your customers.

Show your customers your great customer service

With the customer review widget, you can show to your clients that you have a positive response to the online review. This is a great opportunity if you are willing to display the company culture and customer service. For instance, customers may provide negative reviews if it takes too long time to procure the processes. You can make the right use of this opportunity and apologize the customers. Thus, you will be successful in striving that you have an excellent customer service. The entire experience of customers is a prerequisite. Hence, bade a good bye to your worries about negative reviews and make the best use of them in your favors. They will assist in luring customers who are looking for an amazing experience. Thus, these reviews are a great way to attract the right customers for your business.

How Ryviu works

A default question is assigned to every user in order to avail great reviews on your website. Each and every customer is asked to review the overall experience where a response format of 1-5 star rating is given to them. It is not possible to edit the review later on as it is used for the calculation of review. The 1-5 star rating response that is submitted to the question along with the feedback of customers can be availed for embedding as the reviews on the website. Each time a customer provides feedback, it will be generated in an automated manner into the set of displayed reviews. If you are burning a hole in your pocket by paying the lump sum amount to the customers, you can include the same with the ACES account without any additional cost. It is possible to set up the account to post all the reviews in an automated manner on the website. You can also set require approval option prior to posting the reviews on the website.

It is possible to retrieve the embedded code by signing into the ACES account as well as from the main menu by choosing Manage > Report Card Widget. You will find few lines of HTML code that are related to your account. All you require to do is copy and paste the specific code into HTML editor on the website. You and the website staff will be capable of editing the code for customizing the display options. You can even paste the code and then use the same as it is. You will find a link which says Leave a review. With the aid of this option, visitors will be capable of leaving reviews to the website in a successful manner.

As they say, slow and steady wins the race. Though it may appear to you that the process of getting reviews by this feature is slow, it is certainly going to offer great assistance in near future. Slowly but gradually, you will be successful in earning the good will of your customers and enhancing your customer database. Utilize this and you will realize that this is a great option to enhance the bottom line of your business.

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