How to Use Affiliate Links to Make Money With Ryviu


Hello Everybody!

Currently, Ryviu is an application that allows you to manage Reviews displayed on your website. You can import reviews from CSV file or import from Third-party website by Ryviu Chrome Extention. It allows you to import many products with just a few mouse clicks. It is a very useful application, which should be widely used. That is why we want to share the profits with you.

Thank you for reading this 🙂 I would like to guide you to get profit from Ryviu. Earning a little extra income depending on your sensitivity.

Share your affiliate link and earn money, 30% per order.

We allow refunding Customer within seven days if they do not want to use this application. It is the reason why you need to wait for countdown in the paid column with each success order. It runs from seven days to zero; then money will be available in your account. Why don’t you share your affiliate link and get 30% per order from now on?


Where do we start? 
The simplest thing creating an account on Ryviu. Free, Basic, Pro or Unlimited – Both four Plans will be the useful tool which helps you make money.

What will you do next after creating your account?

Please login to your account and click on the affiliate icon ($ icon). Url you will go to

Next, Click on Settings tab then click on “Create affiliate link” button.

Finally, you just need to share your affiliate link with friends, Facebook groups or on your blog.

Withdraw your money

You can withdraw when got more than $20. We will send money to your Paypal account every Monday.

Do not be shy when sharing. Hope you can make a lot of money. Good luck 🙂


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