Why Product Reviews is the Best Way to Attract Customers?


Snowball effect? Viral effect? Whatever you call it, one thing is clear: the more reviews an online shop collects, the more sales it will generate. Because customers really like product reviews.

Many reviews lead to them feeling safer and thus willing to purchase goods on your shop.

Here are some reasons you should use Ryviu app:


Yes, all reviews increase sales – even negative reviews. You shouldn’t worry about having the occasional negative review in your shop. However, if several reviews are negative, you may want to re-evaluate your product wink .

74% of customers say reviews are important or very important when purchasing, as they like to hear about the product before spending their money.

Customers also like to hear from people just like them – 57 percent of online respondents consider reviews before buying! Just adding reviews can yield an 18% increase in sales. Customers who read reviews and ask questions are 105% more likely to purchase those that don’t!


Product reviews, even negative ones, also help to increase trust. When customers see reviews, including a mix of reviews, they tend to trust all reviews as a whole. Since product reviews are from “peers” or other customers, potential buyers trust them as much as personal recommendations.

Negative reviews are also risked mitigators for possible purchasers. They read negative reviews and think, “Okay, this is the worst it could be. I’m okay with that.” These reviews eliminate the unknown from the purchasing process and overcome customer objections before buying so that your sales copy doesn’t have to.

Just be sure to encourage a review policy that asks for politeness. Polite negative reviews boost your sales as readers associate the feeling of liking a polite reviewer with liking the product.


Ryviu app also gives you a chance to interact with your customers. They teach you about customer expectations, desires, and questions so that you can improve your products or sell them more effectively. They also give you a chance to talk with customers and bring them closer to your brand – these interactions humanize your store, and people like other humans smile.

This also gives you an opportunity to answer reviews and shows potential customers that you’re involved with your store and care about their thoughts.

Ready to get started? This app is free, so you just need to install!

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