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Ryviu team

Ryviu is a bootstrapped, profitable and fast-growing startup. Headquartered in and managed from Thai Nguyen ( Vietnam), 24/7 support is offered by our teams in Vietnam.

Our most notable app - Ryviu app, developed by founder Nam Nguyen. He started with it on October 2016.

Ryviu app is a powerful review app built for Shopify stores with the aim of promoting online businesses to succeed more quickly by using customer reviews.

From the early days, Ryviu team only had 4 members, including Founder Nam Nguyen and 3 other associates. They are all young and enthusiastic engineers. Along with the process of completing and developing the App, the team has now grown to a strong team with enough specialized departments to specialize in work, as well as provide the best customer support.

Ryviu app's development process

Oct 2016
From cherished ideas, Nam Nguyen and his team wrote the first line of code for Ryviu app.
Nov 2016
Team launched chrome extension export reviews from Aliexpress to CSV file.
Feb 2017
Team released Ryviu app for Shopify.
Mar 2017
Ryviu plugin for WooCommerce was available on WordPress.org.
Dec 2017
The app reached 3.125 merchants.
Dec 2018
Ryviu has 7.129 customers.
Oct 2019
Team published app on Shoify app store.
Dec 2019
Ryviu reached 10.242 clients.
Aug 2020
Team launched review app for Prestashop
Dec 2020
This is the period when the Ryviu app has a great growth rate. The number of customers increased rapidly, reached 26.995 merchants.
Dec 2021
The app reached 34.837 clients. Ryviu is the most popular app on Shopify app store.
Aug 2022
According to the latest updated statistics, the app is reaching 35.975+ merchants on Shopify app store.

These achievements have partly determined the value brought by Ryviu app and the team. The team wants to introduce Ryviu app to more partners so that they can increase sales quickly.

Ryviu team always "Take success and customer satisfaction as a development orientation".

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