Ryviu and LAI Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Comparison

Feb 20, 2024
8 mins
Yen Ma

Social proof has long been a cornerstone of successful online stores, with merchants frequently turning to product review apps to showcase feedback and bolster credibility. Among the array of options available, Ryviu and LAI Product Reviews stand out as trusted platforms by Shopify merchants. If you're grappling with the decision between these two, let's delve into the specifics to aid your choice.


Rating: 4.9

Ryviu: Product Reviews & QA

Introduced in 2019 by the Ryviu team, Ryviu app was crafted to provide Shopify merchants with a robust solution for collecting and showcasing product reviews. Compatible not only with Shopify but also with WordPress WooCommerce and Prestashop stores, Ryviu aims to empower online businesses by enhancing trust and driving conversions through social proof.

Key Features of Ryviu Include:

  • Flexible display options for customer reviews across your store, with multiple themes.
  • Seamless importation of reviews from various sources, including AliExpress, Shopee, Amazon, Etsy, DHgate, Wallmart.com and CSV files.
  • Automated review request emails sent to customers post-purchase.
  • Integration of a Question & Answer feature to facilitate customer inquiries about products.
  • Comprehensive support for building social proof, increasing traffic, improving SEO, and ultimately driving sales.
  • Free trial period of 7 days.

Pricing Options for Ryviu

Ryviu offers both Free and Paid plans, with monthly and annual subscription options. Opting for an annual plan enables a 25% discount. Here's an overview of Ryviu's pricing structure:

  • Free Plan: Offers unlimited usage with the ability to import 20 reviews for each product (up to 50 products), sourced from AliExpress. Additional features include Google snippets and live chat support.
  • Basic Plan: Priced at $6.99 per month, it includes all features of the Free plan, along with expanded review import capabilities (200 reviews per product, up to 400 products) sourced from Amazon, Shopee, and CSV file; send email request reviews , display Q&A widget.
  • Advanced Plan: Priced at $9.99 per month, it encompasses all Basic plan features, with further enhancements such as increased review import limits (500 reviews per product, up to 1000 products) and access to additional review sources like Dhgate and Etsy.
  • Unlimited Plan: Priced at $19.9 per month, it offers unlimited review imports for an unlimited number of products, along with advanced features like product reviews feed (XML) and bulk review export (CSV).

LAI Product Reviews

Rating: 4.9

LAI Product Reviews

Launched in 2020 by Smartify Apps, LAI Product Reviews enable Shopify merchants to collect and showcase product reviews effectively.

Key Features of LAI Product Reviews Include:

  • Importation of product reviews from various sources, including AliExpress, Amazon, DSers, CJ, and CSV files.
  • Fully customizable widgets to tailor review displays according to your store's aesthetics and requirements.
  • Automated email campaigns to engage customers and solicit reviews.
  • Diverse layout options, including card grid, carousel, media gallery, star rating, and pop-up formats.
  • Free trial period of 3 days.

Pricing Options for LAI Product Reviews

Similar to Ryviu, LAI Product Reviews offers both Free and Paid plans, with monthly and yearly subscription options. However, its pricing structure slightly differs. Here's an overview:

  • Free Plan: Provides basic features, including review import from AliExpress and CSV files, basic widgets, SEO snippets, and limited review request emails.
  • Essential Plan: Priced at $4.95 per month, it offers expanded functionalities such as review imports from Amazon and advanced widget customization options.
  • Complete Plan: Priced at $11.95 per month, it includes all features of the Essential plan, along with additional perks like video reviews, Q&A support, product groups, and integrations with Google Shopping.

Ryviu and LAI Product Reviews app: making the choice

Both Ryviu and LAI Product Reviews offer robust features to help online stores establish social proof and enhance credibility. While both platforms excel in their own right, there are some distinguishing factors to consider:

  • Ryviu boasts a wider diversity of review sources, enabling merchants to leverage feedback from various platforms.
  • The trial time in Ryviu is longer than the LAI Product Reviews app, so users can have more time to check the effect of product reviews and experience Ryviu’s features.
  • Both Ryviu and LAI Product Reviews offer many unique features such as specific reviews for advanced widgets and delivery-based email campaigns, catering to specific needs of merchants.
  • Pricing may vary based on individual requirements and budget constraints.

Ultimately, the choice between Ryviu and LAI Product Reviews hinges on your specific business needs, preferences, and budget considerations. Evaluate the features offered by each platform in alignment with your objectives to make an informed decision that aligns with your eCommerce strategy.