AliExpress Shipping Time: The Ultimate Guide for Dropshippers

Feb 27, 2024
Anna Pham
AliExpress Shipping Time

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, timely shipping is paramount for customer satisfaction and business success. For dropshippers, navigating AliExpress shipping times is critical to managing their operations effectively. Understanding the nuances of shipping times, factors influencing delays, and strategies to mitigate them can make all the difference in providing a seamless experience to customers worldwide. 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of AliExpress shipping times, offering invaluable insights and practical tips to help dropshippers streamline their shipping processes and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Let's embark on this journey to master the art of efficient shipping in eCommerce.

How Long Do AliExpress Orders Take to Deliver?

AliExpress orders' delivery times can vary significantly based on several factors. Primarily, the shipping method chosen plays a crucial role, with options ranging from standard to expedited shipping. Standard shipping usually takes 15 to 45 days, depending on the destination and other variables like customs clearance. Expedited shipping methods, such as ePacket or AliExpress Premium Shipping, typically offer faster delivery times, ranging from 7 to 20 days. 

AliExpress Shipping Time 1

However, it's essential to consider additional factors like order processing times, supplier location, and external circumstances like holidays or global events, which may impact delivery schedules. Understanding these variables empowers dropshippers to make informed decisions and manage customer expectations effectively.

How Long Does AliExpress Take to Ship?

In addition to factoring in the overall delivery duration, it's essential to account for the processing and shipping times involved with AliExpress suppliers.

Processing time denotes the duration required for the seller to ready your order for shipment. Typically falling within one to five days, this period might extend, particularly for customized items or specialized orders.

Following the dispatch of your order by the seller, there is an additional period during which the package is in transit to the shipping company and undergoes sorting. This phase generally spans approximately five to ten days. These combined processing and shipping stages contribute significantly to the overall timeline for your package's delivery.

The Two Types of AliExpress Shipping

AliExpress offers two primary shipping options: AliExpress Standard and AliExpress Premium.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress Standard shipping typically comes at a more affordable price point. While it's budget-friendly, it usually takes a bit longer for packages to arrive, with an estimated delivery time ranging from 15 to 20 days. This option is popular among customers who prioritize cost-effectiveness and are willing to wait a little longer for their orders.

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AliExpress Premium shipping

AliExpress Premium shipping offers a faster delivery experience but at a higher price. This expedited shipping method promises swifter delivery, with packages typically arriving within a shorter timeframe of 12 to 15 days. This option appeals to customers who value speed and are willing to pay a premium for quicker shipping times.

Which AliExpress shipping method is best?

Ultimately, the choice between AliExpress Standard and AliExpress Premium shipping depends on individual preferences and balancing factors like budget constraints and urgency of delivery. Understanding each shipping option's distinct features and trade-offs enables buyers to make informed decisions based on their needs and priorities.

How do you track an AliExpress package?

Tracking an AliExpress package is straightforward. Once an order is placed, AliExpress provides a tracking number that can be used to monitor the package's journey. 

  • Customers can visit "My Account" to track the package and choose "My Orders." 
  • Locate the specific order, click on "Track," then enter the tracking number
AliExpress Shipping Time 3

On the other hand, they can use third-party tracking websites or apps by entering the provided tracking number. These platforms offer real-time updates on the package's location and estimated delivery date. 

Additionally, AliExpress sends notifications via email or app to keep customers informed about any changes in the shipping status.

How to Expedite AliExpress Shipping: 3 Options

You can achieve expedited AliExpress shipping through two main options:

#1. Contact Your Supplier: 

Contact your supplier directly through AliExpress messaging or other communication channels. I would like to know if expediting the shipping process for your order would be possible. 

Some suppliers may offer expedited shipping options or prioritize your order for faster processing upon request. Establishing clear communication and explaining the urgency of your order can increase the likelihood of receiving expedited shipping.

#2. Dropship from the country you're selling in:

To expedite AliExpress shipping, consider dropshipping from the country where you're selling. By sourcing products locally, you can significantly reduce shipping times for your customers. Utilizing local suppliers eliminates international shipping delays and customs processing times, ensuring quicker delivery to your customers. This strategy accelerates shipping and enhances customer satisfaction by providing faster order fulfillment and delivery.

#3. Request a Faster Shipping Method: 

Negotiate with your supplier to use a faster shipping method for your order. Express shipping options like DHL, FedEx, or UPS typically offer quicker delivery times than standard shipping methods. 

While these options may come at a higher cost, they can significantly reduce shipping times and ensure timely delivery of your products. Collaborating with your supplier to explore expedited shipping methods can help meet tight deadlines and enhance customer satisfaction.

FAQs of AliExpress Shipping Times

How long does it take for AliExpress to deliver?

AliExpress delivery times vary depending on shipping method, destination, and supplier processing. Generally, standard shipping takes 15 to 45 days, while expedited options may deliver within 7 to 20 days.

Why does AliExpress shipping take so long?

AliExpress shipping times can be influenced by supplier location, customs clearance procedures, chosen shipping methods, and external events like holidays or global crises. These factors collectively contribute to the overall delivery timeframe.

Is AliExpress estimated delivery accurate?

AliExpress estimates delivery times based on historical data and shipping carriers' estimates. While they strive for accuracy, unforeseen circumstances like weather disruptions or customs delays may impact delivery times, leading to variations in actual delivery dates.

Is AliExpress 14 day shipping legit?

AliExpress offers expedited shipping options like AliExpress Premium, which promises faster delivery times, often within 12 to 15 days. While legitimate, the actual delivery time may vary depending on factors mentioned earlier. It's advisable to check shipping details and track orders for the most accurate delivery updates.


Navigating AliExpress shipping times is a crucial aspect of success for dropshippers worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we've explored the intricacies of AliExpress shipping, from understanding delivery options to expediting shipping processes. By mastering these insights, dropshippers can streamline operations, manage customer expectations, and enhance overall satisfaction. 

Remember, while AliExpress offers various shipping methods with differing delivery times, it's essential to consider factors like supplier communication, shipping method selection, and tracking for optimal results. With this guide as a resource, dropshippers can confidently navigate the complexities of AliExpress shipping, ensuring seamless transactions and delighted customers every step of the way.