Top 10 Best Converting Shopify Themes (2023)

March 1, 2023
Anna Pham

Make sure you can monetize your Shopify store when you manage one. Use of one of the best converting Shopify themes is therefore highly advised.

These themes are made to encourage users to engage in behaviors that result in sign-ups, purchases, or other conversions that are advantageous to your company.

If you're looking for the finest Shopify themes for conversions, you have a lot of choices. We've listed a few of our favorites below.


  • Price: from $248/year

With Booster, anyone can create a flexible online store with ease, even the least tech-savvy among us.

You can select from user-friendly drag-and-drop alternatives or pre-made demo stores where all you need to do is add your own touch, import your goods, and start selling.

Since the Booster makes your site incredibly lightweight, you also experience A-rated performance and fewer server requests. An improved user experience and quicker conversions result from this.

You also have access to integrated marketing tools with this theme that were created by experts that are familiar with what works best for conversions.

For Booster developers, user experience is paramount. As a result, the theme offers several noteworthy features including a Smart Mega Menu, Smart Search Suggestions, and Smart Location Detection, among others.


  • Price: $220

Retina is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you're seeking for a contemporary Shopify theme with alluring extra features. huge cover photos, social media plugs, etc. It will protect you.

The "fast buy" button on category pages of this Shopify theme is one of my favorite elements. They launch a streamlined product page, which is a great method for customers to shop.

Particularly if you sell inexpensive items or ones that offer limited customization, this feature can significantly boost the quantity put to the cart.

On category pages, there are also some excellent filtering possibilities. Although the results are not the prettiest, the ability to narrow down possibilities and locate the products that your consumers desire is a significant conversion driver for expensive, highly customized commodities like cars, technology, tools, etc.


  • Price: $320

Let's say you want a Shopify theme that converts the best and is also very responsive. The greatest choice for you in that situation might be Symmetry.

You can pick from four pre-made styles. You are therefore able to create websites that closely reflect the identity and style of your business.

You may direct users to the precise pages they want to view on your online store using an outstanding multi-level menu option, which can aid conversions.

Additionally, it offers a "quick buy" function that minimizes the steps required for a user to convert from browsing to purchasing, increasing the number of sales.

The theme has an Instagram feed function to increase interaction between you and your visitors. This is fantastic since a social network can be a really effective method to increase client loyalty.


  • Price: $180

One of the top Shopify themes for conversions is Vantage because its base design already includes many of the sales factors.

Vantage provides features like a sticky desktop menu, a pencil banner to highlight site-wide sales, and a mobile-friendly cart icon, for instance.

On mobile, the search page can be accessed by pressing an icon at the top of the page. Thus, the mobile search feature is superior to some of our other choices in this area. It is not ideal, but it is unquestionably preferable to having it on the menu.

The corner banners advertising products that are new, on sale, etc. that are included with this theme also work fantastically. This enables past customers to rapidly notice what has changed since their last visit in stores with heavy traffic.

Finally, Vantage adds a shopping basket button to the top center of each mobile page, which is great for clients who frequently purchase a number of things at once.


  • Price: from $69

Its W3C validated mobile-friendly code has a lot to offer with this extremely responsive Shopify theme. You can easily add more than 100 designs to your online store with only a few clicks.

A huge drop-down menu is also available to aid with navigating. With tablets and smart phones, this is simply adjusted.

The theme contains a sophisticated product filter that enables users to look for goods that meet their requirements.


  • Price: from $199

Bradley Long, a conversion rate expert, developed Shoptimized, which swiftly rose to the top spot among unapproved Shopify themes.

It includes over 30 conversion-boosting features to help you convert more clicks into customers in addition to having lightning-fast page load times.

A free software that is included with the theme also provides real-time social media pop-ups, such as "3 sold in the last hour," "John Smith from Atlanta just bought," and other information.

Via the app, you can also obtain updates for free. As a result, each time you upgrade the theme, you do not need to setup it again.


  • Price: from $89

You may create fashion stores with the contemporary and minimalist Shopify theme Kalles. It includes numerous homepage designs with a simple and elegant style.

With this theme, you can select from more than 25 distinct pre-made homepage layouts. Every layout has been mobile device and high conversion optimization.

The theme has product pages that include multimedia previews, top selling features, etc.


  • Price: from $99

One of the Shopify themes with the best conversion rates and a polished look is Gecko. There are various layouts available, one of which supports RTL languages.

The theme comes with more than 20 different pre-made homepage layouts. Each of them is made with a certain niche in mind. They can be utilized to construct a variety of retail establishments, including beauty supply, clothing, watch, and shoe shops.

Also, the design supports Retina displays and is totally responsive. The mega menus, sections, and other Shopify features are compatible with it.


  • Price: from $59

The target audience for Woodstock is mostly those working in the electronics sector. Yet, it can be used to a variety of markets and specialized areas.

According on the visitor's location, this theme allows you to alter the currency that is shown to your audiences. Their ability to decide if they can afford a buy is made simple by this.

It's possible to build your online store in a variety of ways. An excellent website that appeals to the audience's sense of aesthetics can be made using the drag-and-drop feature provided with the theme.

This theme offers strong assistance with navigation. You can assist your visitors in getting exactly where they want to go thanks to its fantastic mega menu builder.

Final Words

To increase your online store's revenue, we strongly advise using one of the top Shopify themes.

The ideas we discussed are applicable to numerous business models of various sizes. Nonetheless, each one of them will assist you in converting more site visitors into paying clients or mailing list subscribers.

You might want to install a few necessary Shopify app types after selecting the most appropriate theme. For instance, SEO to get a high Google ranking, upsell to convince customers to make larger purchases, reviews to add user feedback to your store, etc. To choose which ones are best for you, keep in mind to read our article.