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December 14, 2022
Anna Pham

Branded dropshipping is a way to thrive in the increasingly competitive dropshipping industry by allowing us to stand out in our niche and set ourselves apart from the competition.

We all know how people rate famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Samsung. That's because the more value a brand provides to its customers, the stronger it becomes, and increases consumer loyalty.

So, if we want to influence the market with our brand, we must look at the lucrative prospect of branding our dropshipping store. Branding is quite simple with the proper knowledge and tools.

This article will give us a detailed look at a branded dropshipping store and ways to create your brand from the ground up.

What is Branded Dropshipping?


When a brand is considered in terms of a store's design, and high-quality images of its products, it can give your items and sales a shiny look.

By one of the most basic definitions, it is a definite feeling that an item or business evokes.

So, what is Branded Dropshipping? It all starts with discount sellers trying to sell the non-branded items they've purchased without having to deal with any inventory issues. The important part here is re-labeling the products as their own after purchasing them without the label.

It is also known as private label dropshipping. It's all about expanding your brand or business to your desired level.

Why Is Branding Your Dropshipping Business Important?

Branding your business as an online business is extremely important, especially for a drop shipper.

The main reason is that there is often more than one drop shipper selling a given product. In other words, when customers search for the product they are going to buy, they will also find other similar products. Good branding can set you apart from other similar sellers and big competitors like Amazon.

Moreover, branded products always suggest high quality. As such, it can bring customer loyalty and a good reputation to your store, so you'll be more likely to make more sales. As sales grow, handling numerous orders can be overwhelming. As a result, a third-party tool like DSers helps you manage both your store and orders with ease.

However, you also need to be aware: Along with putting in the effort to build your brand, it is still important to increase awareness of your brand. Once your customers have a strong recognition of your brand, you will become their first choice when they want to make a purchase.

What Are the Advantages of Branded Dropshipping?


So, what advantages does branded dropshipping provide over conventional dropshipping?

Here are some of the primary advantages:

  • Create a sense of trust: A well-known brand always attracts customers more easily than others, creating a sense of trust so that customers will definitely choose the same brand.
  • Stress-free shopping: Potential customers are more loyal to brands with good recognition and easy-to-access, user-friendly websites. It automatically ends up with less stressed shoppers because they know exactly what they're shopping for.
  • Added value to items: Needless to say, the stronger your market recognition, the more sales, and profits you will have.
  • Reduced Refund Rates: A trusted brand means reduced return rates most of the time. After shoppers have purchased an item in your store and it has been proven to be trustworthy, they will likely continue to buy the same brand.
  • Make customers feel confident: It certainly depends on the factors that influence customers to want to buy a certain type of item. If you make them comfortable shopping for things that fit with confidence, chances are you won't lose these customers.
  • Making bonds stronger: In addition to having a perfect relationship with branded dropshipping suppliers, an identity with a large market presence will help you develop the perfect relationship with customers. It will definitely let you feel like a family with your current and hopefully future customers :)
  • Keep Existing Customers Loyal to Your Brand: Keep in mind that keeping your existing customers comfortable and happy is five times easier than gaining new loyal customers.
  • Have more control over your brand: This unique business will give you an edge over your competitors, allowing you to better control and manage your brand than you ever imagined possible. 

According to a 2020 smallbiztrends report, 71% of consumers prefer to buy from companies who share their beliefs. It demonstrates how customers' values and beliefs influence brand perceptions and buying decisions.

Branded dropshipping, as opposed to conventional dropshipping, allows us to give our consumers a cause to return.

Not to mention the competitive advantage it will bring us once we have effectively built brand awareness. Furthermore, we can offer our product at significantly larger margins than other drop shippers.

If branded dropshipping is of interest to us, we can also take advantage of this chance. But, before you jump on the bandwagon, keep in mind that dropshipping copyrighted products can land us in legal trouble.

5 Steps to Creating a Branded Dropshipping Store


Potential sellers must be informed of the standards to follow in order to be successful in this specific business area. Then, for the greatest outcomes, let's take a closer look at them. If you want to succeed and stand out from your competitors who regularly do dropshipping, you need to take the time to watch the following guide and start your branded dropshipping business.

Generate Product Ideas

The first thing to start a branded dropshipping business is to come up with a product idea. At this stage, your creativity and market research will need to come into play.

First, you might think about the newer, trendy things you've bought online or in an offline retail store recently.

Manual research is no longer enough to keep the fast-paced tempo online based markets have. This is why it's best to use tools which basically do the research instead of you. Like for example Koala Inspector Chrome plug-in - This is a comprehensive and smart spy tool for dropshipping and Shopify or AliExpress stores. You’ll gain an edge over your competitors by having visibility over them, huge amounts of actionable data, and continuous tracking of their performance—get notified only when your competitors make a move.

Moreover, you can get product ideas from social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. Because this is where potential customers are. You will discover what your customers are interested in and what products they like. Then you can come up with an idea for how your store should function and what products you will sell.

Another way is to verify the product to make sure it sells well. Keyword research is useful when you want to determine how many people are searching for a product online. Additionally, you should also analyze searches for specific parts of your product, as they can also help you open up a niche for your private label business.


Find Private Label Manufacturers

Now you have a great product idea, so you should find the most reliable suppliers for your product since you are in the dropshipping business. However, the suppliers you are looking for should be private label suppliers. In other words, you need to look for white label products. In short, you sell products made by other brands under your brand name.

You can use product sourcing apps to find suppliers and contact them to see if they have dropship branded products. We select qualified and well-reviewed providers that can connect you with them. You can contact them to find out if they have a branded dropshipping business.

Apliiq is a branding tool that helps print on demand for your garments, if you are planning to open an online clothing store. You can contact the company to seek cooperation.


Here is another example for your coffee dropshipping business, you can check out this Shopify app called Dripper if you are looking to start your coffee brand. It allows you to build and customize your product's packaging, labels, pricing, and logos. It allows you to ship fresh coffee worldwide.


Create a branded name and logo

Now is the time to build your online store. Shopify and Shopify Plus are both great options. You can search for both and compare, then get the one that best suits your needs. Furthermore, our Shopify plugins are here to help you manage and process orders.


The most crucial aspect is that Shopify now offers solutions for branded dropshipping. It includes a logo maker, video creator, business name generator, and many other useful features. As a result, launching your brand is simple and quick.

After you've created the store, you'll need to add products. You should utilize compelling product descriptions and high-quality photos. It's a great approach to make your products more enticing to customers. Because your customers can't touch the things because you're doing business online, better product photos and descriptions can entice more purchases.

You can learn a lot from the following dropshipping examples:

  • Meowingtons is the epitome of a cat niche store. All cat-related things, such as toys, bed, or something for you, are dropshipped.
  • Mooshe Socks: Each product has its own design, making the socks unique.
  • Cindy Joseph's BOOM: It is the first pro-age cosmetic and skincare line in the world.
  • 5TH Watches: This is a well-designed watch store.

Promote Your Branded Store

The final step is to market your brand. To attain your aim, you will need to investigate several marketing strategies for your company.

If you have a large budget, sponsored advertising on Facebook and Instagram is a terrific method to get your name out there. For newcomers, free marketing avenues such as SEO and influencer marketing can be equally effective in drawing attention to their brand.

Whatever method you select, you must assess whether it is appropriate for your items. After all, the best fit is the best fit.


Because the impact of pandemic and restriction remains, both ordinary dropshipping and branded dropshipping are viable ways to make money in 2021. As a result, you may be wondering which is the best option for you.

If you're new to this, regular dropshipping is an excellent alternative because it has a low entry barrier and minimal setup costs when compared to most other e-commerce methods.

If you have the budget and the desire, you may start branded dropshipping. The steps involved in branded dropshipping are listed below;

  • Generate product ideas
  • Locate a private label dropshipping provider.
  • Create a branded name and logo
  • Publicize Your Branded Store