How to Use Google Trends for Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide

Nov 16, 2023
Anna Pham
google trends for dropshipping

Are you creating a Shopify dropshipping store? Are you trying to find the right niche or products to sell? It may seem overwhelming – there are literally thousands of options. You may not even know where to start!

Fortunately, Google Trends can assist you in getting started on your dropshipping journey. It's versatile, strong, and completely free! This makes it an absolute necessity for any online reseller wanting to discover a niche, understand the market, and do product research.

Learn how to use Google Trends for dropshipping shop on Shopify to gain a competitive advantage in a congested field. You will be able to comprehend your target audience and capitalize on new market trends. This implies you could be among the first to offer a new product to enthusiastic customers.

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In this article, we'll go over the key elements of Google Trends, including why it's so important, how to utilize it correctly, and what types of trends you'll observe.

What is Google Trends?

google trends for dropshipping 1

Google Trends demonstrates how popular the term is on Google's search engine. It provides detailed information on search volume during a given timeframe.

Google Trends may notify you if there are any specific causes for a surge in search volumes, such as a holiday season or a global event. It also displays the geographical information associated with the search query, i.e., where it was searched.

It's a handy thing to have if you're doing keyword research. Furthermore, as the name implies, it reveals patterns connected to specific words or phrases, providing users with insights. You can use Google Trends to find the most relevant trends and then dive in to learn more about the subject.

You can also apply limitations to change the location, time period, classification, and search type. This will provide a graph or chart that shows how the trend has changed over time, helping you to make informed personal or commercial decisions.

How Do Google Trends Work?

As previously said, we want to assist with understanding how Google Trends works before showing you how to use it for drop shipping.

So, these are Google Trends' primary elements/features:

Interest over time

Google Trends graphs how interest in a topic has changed over time. The most crucial feature of this tool is the ability to track search interest over time.Enter a search word into the tool's search box at the top to see how search volume for that term has changed over time. Take a look at the chart generated from the search phrase "Drink".

google trends for dropshipping

As you perceive, Google Trends shows the growth of interest in the search phrase "Drink" over time. You can modify the time window, such as "past hour," "past 7 days," "past 12 months," "past 5 years," and so on.

Interest by region

If you'd like to learn how to use Google Trends for dropshipping, you have to know that this tool displays to you how search interest differs by geography. You may examine search data for various countries or even some bigger cities.

Let's take a closer peek at the map that shows the places where the search term sorts of drink is most popular.

google trends for dropshipping 3

But what does this mean for you as a dropshipper? The graph above, on the other hand, lets you identify the precise areas/countries where the search interest for drinks is the biggest. 

This can be useful if you want to offer your products to clients in a certain area. However, we shall go into further detail about this issue later in this essay.

Related topics and related queries

google trends for dropshipping 4

Dropshipping themes, products, and brands might be inspired by relevant topics and requests.

The first choice, Related Topics, might assist you in determining which related topics people who looked for your search phrase may be interested in.

The second option, Related Queries, on the other hand, can provide some insight into what precise search terms or phrases users used while searching for your subject.

How to Use Google Trends?

If you're wondering how to use Google Trends for dropshipping company, here are some fantastic recommendations. These pointers will assist you in exploring Google Trends in unique ways:

1. Find Niches

The first step is to identify niches for your dropshipping company. You will waste your efforts if you sell an incorrect item in a niche or choose a niche that caters to just the market's main providers. As a result, use Google Trends to determine the audience for your topic, popularity, and so on.

Simply look for relevant niches that interest you. You can do this by personally selecting what is trending and using Twitter to shortlist particular niches. Once you've narrowed down your niches, go to Google Trends and search for the keywords. Look for data by region and other categories.

google trends for dropshipping 5

The best trends are those that are currently developing. You can also select niches that are already performing well.

2. Look For Products

Once you've identified an appropriate niche for your brand, you can start finding products. For example, if you've chosen fake nails, you can look for specific products within this category, such as press-on nails.

Go to Google Trends and look for popular topics in your industry. This can give you an idea of popular niche products.

Following that, look for related product categories and compare trends in those categories. The one with an upward trend may be appropriate for your dropshipping store. Don't forget to read the relevant sections to learn more about this topic.

3. Find Keywords

You now know what niche to target and what things to sell on your website. That is fantastic! But how can we market our goods? How can we effectively market our dropshipping business with the proper keywords? 

Google Trends can help you with this as well. Scroll down to the Related Queries and Related Topics sections for each term.

google trends for dropshipping

While Related Queries provides certain keywords immediately, you must click on particular topics inside Related Topics to find other keywords.

4. Find Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends are critical for any organization. These trends assist you in immediately increasing your revenue and maintaining your market worth.

Social media can help you discover seasonal trends. Because you are a buyer, you should be aware of seasonal trends. To stay up to date, you can follow an influencer. Once you've discovered these trends, use Google Trends to obtain accurate data.

5. Learn About Trending Topics

Google Trends, as the name implies, is concerned with trending subjects.

  • How do I use Google Trends to locate seasonal popular topics?
  • Go to Google Trends and check for topics toward the top of the list.
  • Look for your niche, such as apparel, children, and so on.

6. Location Specific Marketing

google trends for dropshipping

If you are currently focusing on a single region, you do not need to monitor global trends. While many trends travel from one site to another, you should always examine patterns in your own country or region.

Use all of the strategies mentioned above to filter countries to your country. It is the first of the filter options presented.

7. Deals for Target Audience

You can sometimes check popular topics for your intended audience.

For example, suppose you sell children's products. Search Google Trends for children to see what is attractive in this sector. For further details, see the Related Queries and Related Topics area.

We used Google Trends to search for Children and discovered delta variant children in Related Queries. This enables us to comprehend the concerns of youngsters around COVID-19. This information can help you employ content marketing effectively or promote relevant products.

8. Eliminate Bad Keywords

If you search a keyword on Google Trends, you receive results of Interest Over Time. Set the timer to 12 months and see how popular the product was the previous year. A constant increase in the product's popularity is unquestionably a good indicator. You can use this to determine whether or not certain keywords are appropriate for your business. You don't have to sell these items.

Customized masks, for example, were quite popular at the start of 2020. However, if you choose to specialize today, it may not provide you with any value at all. We can use Google Trends to determine whether a product is still popular.

9. Explore Marketing Feasibility

Google Shopping is a fantastic component of Google Trends. You can choose Google Shopping from the filters where it says Web Search.

This filter allows you to view the patterns surrounding a topic over the course of a year. This is unique to the retail and ecommerce industries. Knowing these tendencies can help you understand when to post advertising and market your products and when not to.

For example, if you sell holiday gifts, Google Trends will indicate that you can run advertising in November or December.

10. Improve Outreach on Social Media

Google Trends can help you boost your social media outreach in particular. For example, if you go to YouTube and search for children's videos, you will find trending results at the top.

Open these clips and look for common keywords. Use Google Trends to confirm the rising and falling trend of these terms. If there is an increase, you can begin using these keywords on your YouTube and other media channels.

FAQs about How to Use Google Trends for Dropshipping

Is Google Trends good for dropshipping?

Google Trends Dropshipping is a useful tool for businesses and eCommerce since it allows you to quickly look for trends and make your items or services accessible in that area.

How can Google Trends find dropshipping products?

Dropshippers can use Google Trends data on search volume to estimate product popularity. This is an excellent resource for learning more about dropshipping. The search volume statistics on terms relevant to their particular products or services demonstrates how many people are looking for a specific product or service online.

Does Google Trends show demographics?

Google Trends allows you to view searches by demographic. Yes, you can sort Google Trends by demographic within the "Interest by region" column. This map shows the popularity of a topic around the world or in a certain country, and you can further narrow down the outcomes by region, subregion, metro area, or city.

Why is Google Trends important in digital marketing?

Google Trends is a web-based application that provides a visual comparison of relative traffic levels for various search queries. It displays how searches differ over time, allowing you to examine changes in search behavior across certain time periods, platforms, and locations.


In summary, Google Trends is an effective tool that provides you with information on the popularity of search phrases in various regions over a certain time period.

And you have undoubtedly heard that eCommerce business owners and dropshipping store owners can benefit from this tool.

You won't be able to take advantage of all Google Trends' effective features, though, if you don't know how to use it correctly for dropshipping. This is the reason for our decision to compose the following work.