How to add reviews to Shopify? — Build Trust for your store

September 21, 2022
Anna Pham

Adding Shopify reviews plays an essential role in building your online store's reputation because customer reviews on Shopify stores help increase website visitors and sales. Online reviews on eCommerce sites are extremely important in gaining customer trust, and reviews are the best way to know what customers think about your store and products.

Many business owners use the Shopify product review app to add reviews to their online store. In this article, we cover the benefits of product reviews and how to add reviews to Shopify to build trust in your store. 

Let’s get started!

What is adding reviews?

Adding reviews means busy needing a curated list of answers from buyers about what they love and don't like about the product.

The good reviews show that your store is a great place to go if you want to be well-informed before making an expensive purchase. Reviews are about curating the opinions of people who have recently owned and found the product to be either pleasing or disappointing. Adding reviews will help customers trust your store and be willing to spend money to buy.

Why do you need to add reviews to the Shopify store?


In today's e-commerce environment, positive product reviews on Shopify can make or break an offline storefront. A study conducted by Nielsen found that 73% of online respondents use reviews to make purchasing decisions.

Research from Nielsen says it all—reviews are incredibly important to your Shopify store.

Yes! Adding reviews to your online store has many benefits.

  • They build trust with shoppers by providing customers with genuine reviews from other consumers
  • They increase product sales by convincing shoppers that it is worth advertising.
  • They increase SEO visibility by adding valuable content that Google shows for relevant searches.

To learn more about adding reviews to Shopify, move on to our next guide to customer reviews, full of great examples you can use in your store.

OK, let's move on to the next topic: How to add a product reviews app on Shopify

A good Shopify reviews app can be found

A simple search on the Shopify App Store for “reviews” will give you close to 900 results. 

So finding a great way to collect and display customer reviews is starting to get a little trickier than you might initially think.

Fear not, we have you covered.

We would like to present you with the Ryviu app.

Ryviu is a review app that helps generate social proof, improve your store's credibility, and improve your conversion rates.

After reading this, you should be able to decide which apps you can integrate into your Shopify store. Let's start reviewing the Ryviu Product Reviews app.


Ryviu is a customer product review platform to build store social proof easily and quickly. It helps increase your conversions and sales. It has both Free and Paid memberships.

  • Basic: $6.99/month
  • Advance: $9.99/month
  • Unlimited: $19.99/month

Especially, you get 25% off with annual fee payment packages.

If you have a Shopify or WooCommerce store, you can use Ryviu to:

  • Export reviews from AliExpress & Amazon: You don't have to export CSV, just one click, and reviews from AliExpress & Amazon will show up on your store.
  • Export and import 'app-to-app' reviews: This helps you export customer reviews from other apps and import them into your store. It allows exporting to a CSV file and then importing to another page and vice versa.
  • SEO Friendly Score: Add a review score to your Google search results.
  • Multiple Custom Styles & Styles: You can edit the theme & customize the page using the advanced settings system.
  • Reply to customer reviews: You can reply to customer reviews. They need to know that you care.
  • Show helpful reviews: For each customer, they can vote beneficial or not. (Like or dislike button).
  • Obtain a thorough statistics system: We offer a comprehensive statistics system. It allows you to see the status of the reviews.
  • Features Social Authentication & Email Verification: With the review form, you can configure in admin settings to require their email validation or log in with social authentication.
  • Show feature reviews: Show reviews on a special page.
  • Show Q&A feature: Your customers ask, you answer, or you can frequently add your questions and answers, saving your time.
  • Boost Sales Popup Feature: Show real-time comments on your store.
  • Request a review by email: Our system will automatically send a request to review the product that the customer has purchased.

Please click here for detailed features. 

How to add the Ryviu product review app on Shopify?

Installing a product review app is the best and fastest way to add reviews to your Shopify store. Here are detailed instructions on how to add the Ryviu app to your Shopify store:

  1. If you don't have a Ryviu account, then please create your Ryviu account from here: Create a new account (You will need to create a new Ryviu account for each store)
  2. Please log in here if you already have an account. Login to Ryviu
  3. Log into Ryviu and select Settings > General. In the store area, click the Connect now option.

4. Choose Shopify in the Platform section, then enter a part of Shopify's Domain URL (the part before ".myshopify.com" without https://) then click the "Install now" button.


5. You will redirect to your Shopify admin, click "Install now" button from here to complete install our app.

‌6. Done

How to add reviews to Shopify product page?

Step 1: Navigate to Shopify theme editor

First, you'll want to get into the theme editor to start making your customizations.

Go to Online Store > Themes and select the theme you wish to change by clicking Customize.


Step 2: Find the product page template in the theme editor

In the theme editor, you'll be on the home page. Go to the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and click Products.


Step 3: Click “Add section” and find the review section under “Apps”

In the product page template, scroll to the bottom of the left vertical section menu.

Click Add section and scroll back down to where the Apps section is. For Product Reviews, you'll have the option to add a Feature Review or Specific product reviews.



The Feature Reviews block will display the full range of customer reviews, while the Specific product block will only show the star ratings accumulated from your reviews.

Like any other section or block, you can drag them up and down the page to place them where you want.

Step 4: Customize your Product Review block(s)

Your options for customizing customer reviews from Product Reviews will be limited.

The options display along the right side of the screen. For star ratings, you can adjust star color and size, alignment, badge text if no reviews, and product (if different from the current page). All other changes must be made in the application itself.

You can also add Feature Review or Specific product reviews blocks in the Product Information section by clicking Add block in that section.

That's how you end up with your star rating right below the product title, with some links to the reviews themselves. You can easily drag this block anywhere in this section, like just above the product description or the add to cart button.


Whether you can add these blocks to other pages depends on what your theme allows. I cannot add them to any other pages in my Dawn theme.


Adding customer reviews to your store means more persuasion to drive shoppers to make a purchase.

You can then get those new customers to rate you, which only increases your persuasion even more. Truly an incredible feedback loop when used correctly.

However, if you choose to add reviews to your store, make sure you do. Ryviu is a great app to help you effectively request and display reviews to build trust in your shoppers. Start selling smarter with customer reviews.