How to Cancel an AliExpress Order: Before, During and After Payment

Dec 19, 2022
Anna Pham

It's not unusual for a consumer to pay for an item but then, for whatever reason, reconsider their decision and want to cancel it. In that instance, what can you do to cancel the order so that your supplier does not ship it?

The good thing is that AliExpress permits 7 working days for dropshipping vendors to deliver the parcel to your clients. During this time, you can indeed cancel the order and receive your money back without too much difficulty.

As a result, in this essay, I'll explain how to cancel AliExpress order.

What is AliExpress’ Cancellation Policy?


AliExpress is a Chinese B2B eCommerce retailing giant. Technically, it operates in the same manner as other prominent competitors such as Amazon or its parent business, Alibaba.

Customers of AliExpress have the option to cancel their orders before payment or when they are in the "Awaiting Shipment" state. It should be noted that cancellations are only permitted with the seller's consent if the order status is "Awaiting Shipment." You can either wait until the order is delivered and then initiate a return request, or you can refuse the delivery of the items if the vendor has already delivered the item.

Once your order has been canceled or return has been received by the seller, a refund will be initiated to your original payment method (except for cash payment, Western Union, and bank transfer payments which will be credited to your AliPay account). Additionally, cash on delivery orders will be refunded in the form of a coupon. Do note that you have to wait at least 3-20 business days for the refunded amount to be reflected in your original payment method.

Why do Aliexpress Buyers cancel Orders?


Order cancelation occurs frequently in all eCommerce stores, including AliExpress. Sellers frown upon it since it equates to losing a prospective transaction. Let's take a look at why purchasers cancel orders on Aliexpress.

1. Having a second consideration

AliExpress products are really inexpensive. Some purchasers believe they are purchasing high-quality products only to discover, after more inquiry, that they are in fact purchasing low-quality stuff. These can prompt them to log into their account and cancel their order on second thought.

2. Accidentally purchased the incorrect product

This is common on AliExpress. You could mistake product A for product B and still place the order. That is why it is critical that you know precisely what you desire. In this instance, the customer will have no choice but to cancel the order.

3. Shipping Delay

In order to attract more buyers, some AliExpress sellers over-promise. Some of them guarantee to ship things to remote regions for free in a short amount of time when, in reality, this is not possible. Customers who notice such a claim as "free shipping to the United States within 5 working days" patronize them just to be disappointed and cancel their purchase after waiting longer than planned.

4. Unsatisfactory user experience

A purchaser who made an order may be attempting to contact a seller for clarification on specific difficulties but is unable to do so. Some merchants don't bother replying to buyer questions after they place an order. This annoys some purchasers and may cause them to cancel their order because it is preferable to receive a refund rather than purchase a product that will be hard to use.

How to Cancel AliExpress Order Before Payment?


If you desire to cancel your AliExpress purchase before payment confirmation, then comply with the steps outlined below.

Step 1: To begin, go to AliExpress's official web

Step 2: Log in to your AliExpress account which you used to place the previous order.

Step 3: Once logged in, navigate to your orders section and locate the order you wish to cancel. Payment verification is normally completed within a few minutes after you pay for your item.

Step 4: Your purchase will be canceled if you select the Cancel Order option for the associated order.

Step 5: AliExpress will wait for the purchase payment verification to be accomplished before beginning the refund process. Further cancellation confirmation messages will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

The vendor will probably message you up to the point at which you pay for the order, asking why you didn't pay or if they can assist you in any way. You might occasionally get a discount from vendors. Both the vendor nor you won't be punished in this scenario for an unpaid order.

How to Cancel AliExpress Order When Status is Awaiting Shipment

Follow the instructions below if you want to know how to cancel order on AliExpress, specifically if the status is "awaiting shipment."

Step 1: Navigate to AliExpress' main website. Continue to log in to the account you used to place the order.

Step 2: You must first get in touch with the vendor if your order is marked as "awaiting shipment." If you want to cancel an order, be careful to notify the seller and get their approval; otherwise, your order won't be canceled.


Step 3: You can then head over to your purchases tab and search for the order you need to cancel if the seller accepts the cancellation.

Step 4: You must choose a cancelation reason after clicking the Cancel Order button. When finished, submit the request.


Step 5: Once your order has been canceled, you will get an email confirmation at the address you have on file, and the money will be returned to the original method of payment.

A buyer's recommendation is to choose "I ordered the wrong item" as the reason for the order cancellation if you do so voluntarily and do not request a refund. Since it is the seller who gets the cancellation request and determines if to confirm it or not, there is no punishment or penalty imposed by AliExpress in this situation; instead, the seller will cancel the order.

Additionally, the seller receives the cancellation request for the order. He has two weeks to affirm his agreement to end the transaction. The agreement will be immediately closed if he doesn't contact us. You will receive your money back in the same form that you used to purchase the order within two weeks of the transaction's date of termination.

How to Cancel AliExpress Order After Payment?

If the transaction was processed before you had the opportunity to cancel it, don't worry; you might still cancel it as long as it is in the "Awaiting shipment" status. If you selected AliExpress Standard Shipping, your order would normally remain in this position for 15 to 45 working days, however, Premium Shipping can be speedier from 7 to 15 working days.

The cancellation ordering process on AliExpress is exactly the same whether you shop via app or browser. Here's how to cancel a purchase on AliExpress after you've paid for it.

Step 1: Open your Order List.

Step 2: Open the order you want to cancel and click Cancel order.


Step 3: You'll be taken to the refund page.

Step 4: Select your cancellation reason from the Refund Information drop-down box.


Step 5: Select Submit

You will need the seller's permission to cancel your AliExpress purchase after it has been paid. As a result, we recommend that you contact the vendor and explain why you wish to cancel your order. This will help expedite the cancellation procedure and ensure that you receive your money.

How to Cancel AliExpress Order After the Vendor Has Shipped the Product?


Once your order status is "The vendor has delivered your order," you will not be able to cancel it. Nevertheless, you can reject/return the items after they have been delivered to you), in which case you must follow the instructions outlined below to understand how to cancel order on AliExpress.

  1. Allow the dispatched order to be sent to your address first.
  2. When your order has been shipped, go to and sign in to your account.
  3. Choose the order you would like to return from your purchases tab and then go to the return process.
  4. When your returned goods arrive at the vendor's warehouse, a refund will be issued to the original payment source.

Refund on AliExpress after Order cancellation

AliExpress is known for its low prices and diverse product selection, which includes anything from best-selling items to home gadgets you didn't realize you needed. However, there are instances when we must "put back" products on our shopping list. So, what happens if you cancel your order while purchasing online?

The seller has 72 hours to respond to your cancellation request after you cancel your order. AliExpress, on the other hand, would cancel the purchase and refund your money.

Stats indicate that 80% of clients who cancelled orders on AliExpress received their funds refunded when the seller decided to issue a refund. The reimbursement time for an AliExpress cancel purchase is normally 3 to 20 business days, depending on the return policy.

What should you do if an AliExpress seller refuses to confirm an order cancellation?

Some AliExpress merchants have difficulty confirming purchase cancellations. The reason is straightforward. They are disappointed at having lost a possible sale. Furthermore, the bear they lose when preparing to mail your stuff is merely to allow you to cancel it.

You are not, however, useless in this situation. You have the option of canceling your order. Customers can cancel orders on AliExpress as well.

After 72 hours of the seller failing to react to your demand to cancel the sale, Aliexpress automatically cancels the purchase and refunds your money to your account. Whenever it comes to purchase cancellation, AliExpress supports the customer due to their desire to keep the positive feedback coming in.

Contact the vendor if you believe the reason for the purchase cancellation can be remedied. Some of them are eager to help guarantee that you do not cancel the order due to their error. AliExpress features a Contact Seller option on each product page.


Because every purchase is essential to most vendors, not all sellers are eager to consent to cancellation, particularly if the order has already been completed. a number of people in the world in the form of people in the world.

In any event, use caution while selecting products and completing orders so that the subject of how to cancel AliExpress order never arises.

Enjoy your shopping!