How To Turn Visitors To Buyers With Ryviu App?

April 2, 2022
4 min read
Yen Ma

Are you wondering why your store has high traffic but no sales? Visitors come and leave without buying anything. Something’s seriously broken? Don’t worry too much about that.

There are many ways that you can use to fix the problem and turn visitors into buyers. One of them is improving the social proof on your store with a product review app. As a searching result, 85% of customers read reviews before making their purchase decisions. Thus, reviews play an important role on your store to gain the trust of visitors.

To import and showcase reviews, you should install a review app for your store. Ryviu — product reviews app is one of the best choices. In this article, I will point out some tips that will help you to transform the novice into the expert to turn your visitors into customers.

Show reviews on your product page

Reviews are an excellent form of social proof because not only do they show that yes, other people are buying this product, but they show how wonderful other people think the product is as well.

Ryviu app helps you not only import reviews from online marketplaces as Aliexpress, Amazon but also collect reviews from your real buyers. Then, our App will help you to show reviews on the product page. You can select a suitable review layout with your theme from your Ryviu dashboard.

The reviews widget on the product page
Pro tips: Install the Ryviu chrome extension to import reviews with a few clicks. . When reviews are imported, they are automatically displayed on your product page..

Create Happy Customer page

You can highlight the best reviews with images for all products on a Happy customer page. A reviews page not only helps you win new customers but also helps you build stronger relations with your existing customers.

Visitors may want to buy an item only. However, when they check the collection of featured reviews on that page, they might want to see another item. Then you can keep visitors stay longer on your store.

The Happy customers page
Pro tips: With Ryviu App, you can create a Happy Customers page in both Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce store. It is very simple with a few steps.

Optimize the Homepage with reviews

Normally, the homepage is the first “land on” of visitors, so showing featured reviews there is necessary.

Understanding well about that, our DEV team worked hard to release the feature to show reviews on the homepage with a clear and attractive design.

The featured reviews on the homepage
Pro tips: Click here to get full detail to show featured reviews on the homepage. If your store is Shopify, you can also refer to this article. For 2.0 Online store theme, please follow this tutorial.
Show Boost sales Popup
Boost sales popup

The boost sales Popup feature is a useful functionality that Ryviu offers. It is a good way for you to show real-time evidence to increase trust in your customers and boost your sales.

Just image, if you are in one online shop, do you curious about the product when you see a popup appears to show someone writes reviews? Let’s activate this option to get more notice from visitors. Even with how good your product is, the thought of your customer is still more important.

Pro tips: You can enable the boost sales popup from your Ryviu dashboard. Let check detail here.
Add Question & Answer add-ons

Question & Answer (Q&A) is a good way to win your visitors. Sometimes visitors/customers just have simple questions to ask before they make a purchase, and a Q&A section gives them the ability to do so. Other customers with the same questions can browse to find answers, reducing repetitive messages to the merchant. In these ways, Q&A sections save everyone time and help customers make smart buying decisions.

Question and answer add-on
Show Question & Answer add-ons on Shopify store
Add Ryviu's Questions & Answers block on your product page Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme
Show Question & Answer add-ons on WordPress WooCommerce store
Conclusion: Ryviu can help you to turn visitors into buyers

After having gone through this post, you should now have a sense of what you need to do to have an effective conversion process for your store.

See if you can use some of the tips mentioned to boost your conversion rate and turn visitors into buyers. If you have any suggestions or ideas, just comment below to let us know.