How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon?

Oct 26, 2022
Anna Pham


We've all known about Amazon. It's one of the world's largest B2C businesses processing billions of sales per day, out of the millions of retailers that exist today - it's very alarming when you consider Jeff Bezos's world dominance. However, most people connect Amazon products with physical goods and do not consider selling on Amazon if they manufacture digital goods.

What is Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Digital Services is Amazon's section in charge of digital delivery of the product, including internal products such as Amazon Drive, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Music as well as external ones such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the Kindle reading experience.

Amazon Digital Services allows you to sell digital services. Therefore, If you write a book or create a digital product, Amazon Digital Services is an ideal platform that you can sell it.

What are Digital Products?

Digital products are any products that provide value and service end users but do not have a physical existence. With that description, almost everything available on the computer and the internet devices becomes a digital item, from a news/entertainment webpage to songs streamed online and digital books to video content shared on various platforms.

A digital product can be defined in one sentence as "anything that digitally fulfills customers' requirements and expectations." The diagram below summarizes how a digital product is created.


Benefits of Selling Digital Products on Amazon

Rapid and Simple start

Due to the efficiency and convenience of Amazon's digital platform, unlike enterprises that offer physical goods, you can begin to sell digital products on Amazon as early as today.

The low initial investment with the potential for huge returns

Because the items are infinitely scalable — you can offer the same cover art hundreds of times — the profit margin on each sale is significantly bigger than when sending hard copies, particularly when you do not have to spend money making extra units.

No inventory, minimal production costs


Digital items, in reality, have a zero marginal cost. This basically means that you do not need to make investments to replenish the inventories for each product you offer you just sold. Within a tangible product-based business, to sell a physical product, you must first purchase it.

No shipping charge


Since digital products are instantly downloaded and do not require shipping, they may be provided automatically and for free to a client's mailbox, allowing you extra time, money, and headspace to concentrate on expanding your business.

Passive income from automated delivery


Choosing to sell digital products on Amazon Marketplace is an excellent method to establish one or more sources of passive income. A digital product on Amazon is passive since you do not have to send it or repurchase it to refill inventory - everything is automatic.

Global clients

Amazon is one of the most prevalent eCommerce platforms, with over 2.7 billion customers in just six months, from July 2021 to December 2021. Selling merchandise on such a prominent marketplace can provide content creators with a remarkable chance to attract more prospective customers.

Drawbacks of Selling Digital Products?

Competitive Marketplace

For all of the reasons stated previously when choosing to sell digital products on Amazon, you can make it easier for enterprises to remain profitable. You might face to more challenging market as a result of this.

Earnings per transaction are smaller

Some designers prefer physical things because they earn more money with every transaction

Meanwhile, digital products are frequently less economical than their physical counterparts. Profits will ultimately be determined by your marketplace and payment structure.

Piracy and Protection of Digital Products


Piracy is another significant issue with digital product sales. Some creators are concerned that their creations will be copied and sold by other sellers. While this is an issue in both digital and physical goods sales, digital products are a more straightforward target.

3 Ways to Sell Digital Products on Amazon 

As a digital creator who sells on Amazon, your first aim is to get your products in front of as many people as possible. The more people that view your product, the more probable you are to generate sales and profits.

Let's take a look at three methods If you want to sell digital products on Amazon:

  • Conduct research 
  • Make content and gather feedback
  • Create your Amazon digital product listings

 Conduct research 

When you've got a digital product in mind, it is necessary to conduct research and find out how other retailers sell similar items. Conduct some relevant keywords to see what keeps coming up, and make a few notes about the descriptions and images that are being used. The simplest approach to finding out is to go to Some third-party applications can also provide thorough Amazon marketplace analytics. Jungle Scout absolutely is your best solution.

  1. Carry out an Amazon search for the topics or types of content you desire to produce.
  2. To determine how well each of the themes on that page is working, use a tool like Jungle Scout's Chrome plugin.
  3. Check the best-performing listings. Look through the product evaluations for that listing to find out how it could be enhanced better.
  4. Create similar content by making the necessary improvements.

Make content and gather feedback


Begin developing content once you've determined where to begin. Don't worry about getting it great immediately.

  1. Construct the most perfect version of your product, but keep in mind that it may not have all of the bells and whistles you desire. This is known as your M.V.P (minimum viable product).
  1. Make it as wonderful as possible while avoiding unnecessary frills. This is known as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  1. Begin gathering feedback from individuals who have experienced your M.V.P. Look for common aspects in their observations. 
  1. Depending on the information you received, iterate on your next piece of content. 
  1. Repeat the procedure.

The speedier you improve your feedback loop, the sooner you will have customers ready to spend money on you on a monthly basis.

Generate your Amazon digital product listings

If this is your first incursion into the globe of Amazon trading, you'll need to decide whether you want to offer as an individual or as a professional in order to launch the product on the platform. Register for a KDP account if you plan on selling digital books.

Following the selection of your seller strategy, the next steps must be taken to get you set up and running:

  1. When your content has been designed/written/produced, send it to the appropriate program for authorization.
  1. Then, once you've received approval, publish your books, song, or graphics.
  1. Finally, use Amazon's promotion system - Amazon PPC — to advertise and promote your items both on and off Amazon. Promoting your digital product on various networks and platforms (Facebook, email marketing, etc.) to boost engagement on your digital product listings.

These three fundamental methods can assist you to get closer to your goal when you have a tendency to sell digital products on Amazon profitably and without difficulty.


There are digital products you can start selling on Amazon

1. eBooks 


Besides printing hard copies of your books, you may also use Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) technology to publish your eBook. Case studies, tourist guides, textbooks, and other materials can all be published. You may get your eBook noticed by millions of people all around the world owing to Amazon's massive consumer base.

The Kindle Direct Publishing technology is straightforward. It enables you to self-publish your eBooks or paperback books in a matter of minutes, keep ownership of your copyrights, establish your own prices, and maximize Amazon sales.

2. Audio 

Tunecore, an element of AmazonMusic, is available to music enthusiasts. This platform enables musicians to publish their songs and make them available in retailers such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and over 150 others worldwide. All you have to do is register a Tunecore account, post your audio, and sell it once Tunecore approves it.

3. Art

Graphic designers and photographers with unique designs can post their photographs to Amazon Merch and have them printed on a shirt. All you have to do is publish a picture, and after a consumer chooses it, Amazon makes the physical thing and you get money.

4. Software

If you are experienced in software development, you may sell a wide range of mobile applications, eCommerce themes, and web designing on the Amazon Appstore. Despite the fact that Amazon charges a 30% fee on sales, you still benefit from the platform's wider distribution.

5. Digital courses


Online courses are another prominent category of digital products on Amazon. From copywriting to photography to meditation, whatever you know how to do effectively can be converted into a timed quiz or a video course and traded to thousands of people online.

Here are some examples of online courses you could teach:

  • Sewing
  • Guitar lessons
  • Professional development
  • Resumes and Job Search
  • Graphic Design
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Copywriting

What Is Necessary For A Digital Content Creator To Sell On Amazon?

1. Expertise and authority

Create reputable content while also developing new stuff around your specialty and other interests.

2. Consistency and Focus

The production of content is a numbers game that will most likely account for 80% of your profits. Consistency in this context relies on willpower toward the task at hand. Don't worry if you're having trouble with these. The most effective technique to enhance your attention is to disregard all outputs and instead concentrate on your inputs.

3. Marketing Skills

Once you've mastered the usual content, you'll have to figure out how to sell all of your content, enhance it, and extend the original designs on Amazon Prime while you experiment with others. Advertisement on Amazon offers is one technique to sell. This is an Amazon site where you may promote your work via PPC (pay-per-click). There are more methods you may utilize to attract consumers, enhance membership for different premium members, and establish access for clients who are not on the Amazon marketplace.

Final Words

Selling digital products on Amazon must have seemed daunting before reading this article. You may now start your Amazon expedition with your digital product without any difficulties because you have all of the necessary information.

Begin compiling a list of items you can sell online and the kinds of digital material you can develop. Remember, there is no better time to get started than right now, with Amazon providing an amazing opportunity to showcase your digital product in front of a massive user base.

Many businesses have already created entire companies based on this idea. You may do the same if you make meticulous preparation to sell digital products on Amazon with a strong promotional campaign.


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