Shopify Envy Theme: A Complete Review 2023

Apr 27, 2023
Anna Pham
Shopify Envy theme

Shopify themes are renowned for their innovative and responsive designs and ability to be completely customized to fit your online store. No learning curve is involved in personalizing your store utilizing Shopify themes because they are all simple.

The Shopify Envy theme is among the best Shopify themes available and offers drag-and-drop capabilities for sections and blocks to create unique pages for your business. You can build your website with a flexible and lively interface with available styles.

What is the Shopify Envy Theme?

Shopify Envy theme-1

Envy is a versatile and comprehensive Shopify theme that will enable you to build a beautiful online business. You may create a well-designed online store with the Envy Shopify Theme, a fully responsive Shopify theme. This theme offers homepage designs ideal for marketing both tangible and intangible things. It also provides a ton of customizing possibilities.

Shopify Envy Theme: Styles

The Envy theme is a fantastic way to spice up your website. You'll be able to launch your company quickly thanks to the four different types available and the numerous customization possibilities. Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Gothenburg are the four distinct variants of the Envy Shopify theme. Choose one of the four options that best reflect your preferences for a clear, cutting-edge style that stands out from other Shopify Themes.

Let's look at each of them in isolation.

01. Stockholm

Shopify Envy theme -2

The Stockholm style of the Shopify Envy theme delivers a streamlined and chic appearance ideal for eCommerce fashion and luxury firms. The subtle beauty that defines this style exudes a sense of professionalism.

02. Oslo

Shopify Envy theme -3

The Oslo style from Envy features a striking modern appearance that works well for lifestyle and fashion firms.

03. Copenhagen

Shopify Envy theme 4

The Copenhagen style by Envy for Shopify ensures that your products get the most visibility and exposure possible. It has a neat, practical layout that will leave a good impression on your customers.

04. Gothenburg

Shopify Envy theme 5

A Shopify theme made to function on all devices is called Envy Gothenburg. SEO is a priority for the Envy Gothenburg theme. Regardless of how many articles or products are loaded simultaneously on the website, it boasts the fastest page load time. Without any coding or website experience, Envy Gothenburg is simple to use.

Shopify Envy Theme Features

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Multi-level Menu

It's simple to get overwhelmed when your store offers various goods. The Multi-Level Shopify Theme Envy offers a cutting-edge multi-level menu system that enables users to select what they want from a wide range of alternatives, making site navigation more superficial and more practical than before.

Promotional Pop-ups

Using pop-up windows is an easy way to communicate. The window theme included in the Envy Shopify theme makes it simple to design and create pop-up windows. This feature of the Envy Shopify theme allows you to build a pop-up window that shows promotional content, like discounts or other vital information, when users arrive at your website. 


The slideshow is a great way to keep website visitors on your page while luring them with new products. A slideshow area is a great way to showcase your brand's most recent offerings, goods, and sale prices. Slideshows can be swiped, dragged, and automatically played. You can also add more photos or videos according to your preferences. Customers may view what's new with this Shopify slideshow without leaving the convenience of their current page.

Product Image Zoom

A product photo that has been zoomed in can be attractive and attention-grabbing. Potential consumers can more easily view the product image by using the zoom feature of the Shopify Envy Theme. Also underlined are the item's most vital points.

Promotional Banner

The Envy Shopify Theme is perfect for differentiating your store. Every customer's home page header must be full of deals, discounts, and offers they can use immediately. You may attract more customers to your store by using this advertising banner.

Customizable Product Page

This theme has options for customizing how your products are shown on product pages. Customers can choose to see specific information, as well as thumbnails and descriptions, if necessary, so they know what they purchase each time.

Mobile-First Design

The mobile user was the main focus when developing the Envy theme. The layout will be neat and well-organized, making setting up an online business from various devices simple.

Customizable Collection Page

With the Envy Shopify Theme, you can create collections to make it simpler for your consumers to locate what they want. Customers may easily browse their purchases by creating a page with images and descriptions or adding links to menus on other store pages.

Changeable Variant

A drop-down menu will allow customers to select the color they want. They must write "linen" into that field to use linen for their thumbnail.

Social Integration

You can easily include social media channels into your company with the Envy Shopify theme, enabling your customers to share the things on their wishlist with friends.

Product Reviews

Having a site for reviews can be crucial in securing the sale because many customers take the time to read them before making a purchase. You can maximize the benefits of customer reviews to boost sales and conversion rates with the Shopify Envy theme. With the aid of this theme, you may prominently feature favorable customer testimonials on the product page, fostering trust among potential customers.

Add to Cart Action

When a buyer presses the "Add to Cart" button on your product page, you can choose how your product page responds with the Shopify Envy theme. You can decide whether to show a drawer, display a success message letting customers know the goods were added, or send them to the cart page.

Out-of-Stock Mail

Using the Shopify Envy theme's Out-of-Stock email feature, you can inform your customers about the available products they've selected. As a result, you'll guarantee that consumers have a flawless browsing experience and never miss out on the goods they're anxious to buy.

Cart & Checkout

To improve your consumers' shopping and checkout experiences, use the Shopify Envy theme. Your clients can add extra instructions, such as gift messages or particular delivery requests, to their orders using the cart notes tool. Additionally, by offering an in-store pickup option, you may provide your clients with the convenience of picking up their goods in-person, saving them time and money on shipping. 

The theme's quick buy feature makes adding items to the cart simple without leaving the product page. Additionally, your clients can easily monitor and modify their orders using the slide-out cart without pausing their browsing.

Shopify Envy Theme: Pros & Cons

Shopify Envy theme 7

Every theme has a set of benefits and drawbacks, and these vary from store to business. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the Shopify Envy theme.


  • As we previously noted, the theme has a ton of features. It will provide everything you require and more to launch a successful online store.
  • You can thoroughly investigate the theme before deciding by using the free trial option. This way, you won't need to worry about finding a piece that works for your store.
  • The Envy theme's available styles are all responsive to mobile devices. A seamless experience on any screen is guaranteed since your desktop design is maintained in a mobile view.
  • The layouts and contemporary fonts seamlessly complement one another, enhancing the shopping experience.


  • Compared to other well-known Shopify themes, the Envy theme is more expensive.
  • It is costly and has premium features, so there might be better options for novices.
  • Despite the infinite nature of the free trial, you cannot publish using the theme during the trial period without paying for it.
  • Customer product listings do not have a quick view feature.


A one-time payment of $350 is required to purchase the Envy theme. By selecting "Try theme" and signing up with your Shopify account information, you may test the theme from this page before making your final choice. 

Top 3 Brands Using Shopify Envy Theme In 2023

  1. Ettika

The Ettika brand offers low-cost jewelry made of the best materials with fast fashion rules.

With simple font and calming colors, thanks to the Envy theme, the website's overall appearance is very appealing. It has also affected the add-to-cart function, pop-up banner, and other aspects of the theme


SHEGLAM is committed to offering high-quality cosmetics that are appropriate for women. The online store has highlighted a chic and simplistic appearance through the Shopify Envy theme. Visitors can easily find and buy what they want, thanks to the transparent navigation system—putting the best-selling items directly on the menu.


Pasduchas is a modern Australian company devoted to outfitting the contemporary lady. It was established in 2012 by best friends Katie McVeigh and Alicia Arcuri. The website employs the Envy theme to catch users' attention with its distinctive graphics and offer ladies a wardrobe of memories to live their life in. Each collection represents a harmony between seamless femininity and a modern edge. Exclusive prints are utilized, and the color schemes that link them all together have a timeless quality.

Is the Envy theme right for your shop?

Envy is an excellent option if you're searching for a marketing-oriented theme that enables you to give your audience a customer-focused online experience.  

The Envy Shopify Theme fits flash sales, physical brands, and high-volume stores. 

If you want a promotional-style theme, Envy is a strong candidate among Shopify pieces that are search engine friendly. This theme has many features that can help you improve the user experience and keep people on your site longer.