How to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance?

February 4, 2023
Anna Pham


The concept of gift cards is relatively old, but it has gained a lot of popularity, particularly with the growth of e-commerce companies in recent years.

Giving out gift cards as part of a marketing strategy to increase brand recognition, keep customers, or boost holiday sales has always been a common practice, and Shopify gift cards are no different.

Moreover, you can generate Shopify gift cards directly from the admin section of your business and a fantastic purchasing experience can also be had by checking the balance of your Shopify gift card.

What is Shopify?


A database can be accessed by business owners using the subscription-based software known as Shopify. While using Shopify POS, the website's point-of-sale tool, company owners have the option to use Shopify in a brick-and-mortar store as well. You would also require associated hardware to effectively finish sales if you utilize the application in your physical business.

The point-of-sale element is also made simpler by this commerce platform's consolidation of all required technologies into a single location. This makes it possible for business owners to access company data from many devices without being concerned about losing crucial insights.

Gift cards can be bought through a Shopify storefront just like they can from any other retail establishment, provided that particular company makes them accessible.

What is a Shopify Gift Card?


Retailers can utilize the Shopify gift card feature, which is available for all Shopify packages, to provide prepaid vouchers or value cards with a predetermined balance that can be used to pay for goods.

Gift cards from Shopify function similarly to gift cards from online stores like Amazon, Google Play, and others whether or not they have a physical shape.

These gift cards have a special code that customers can enter at the checkout page, and depending on the retailer's specific settings, different persons may use them once or several times.

Why Would Your Store Need a Shopify Gift Card?


A wonderful method to gratify your consumers and give them a fresh present choice for their loved ones is to offer gift cards in your store.

This Shopify feature contributes significantly to the development of your e-commerce company, whether you utilize it as a standalone product or in conjunction with other marketing initiatives.

Utilizing them as a cross-sell offering on shipping bills, in your e-commerce newsletter and sales bulletins, or even as a seasonal campaign and holiday contest reward on social media, for instance, would be some examples.

Additional justifications for considering Shopify gift cards for your business are provided below:

Gift Cards Boost Your Revenue

As clients pay for their future payments in advance, gift cards are a terrific way to maintain a continuous cash flow for your business and they can also greatly increase your sales.

In reality, 59% of consumers spend more than the value of their gift cards, which means they must pay out of pocket for the difference in order to fulfill their desires.

During the busy Christmas shopping season, when everyone is frantically buying gifts, you can give your clients gift cards.

Consumers are happiest over the holidays, and when they are pleased, they are more likely to shop.

Gift Cards Bring You New Customers

According to Fiserv's most recent Gift Card Gauge, 58% of buyers want to buy more gift cards as a replacement to physical items as a result of inventory shortages. This presents you with a fantastic opportunity to attract new clients.

With the use of gift cards, your customers can connect with other close friends and family members and essentially act as brand ambassadors for your business, pushing your products and encouraging others to make purchases from you.

Never undervalue the influence of product recommendations, particularly those made by someone you care about.

Gift Cards Help Generate Customer Loyalty

A wonderful way to increase client loyalty is to give away free gift cards. This can act as a powerful inducement for people to tell their friends about your goods.

For example, as part of your loyalty program, you could provide clients who spend more than $60 a free gift card from Shopify with a set amount on it. You'll increase your consumer base and increase sales by doing this, in addition to inspiring them to make additional purchases and return.

How to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance?

Recipients of Shopify gift cards cannot currently check the balance of their gift cards on their own. They have no other option but to ask you, the provider, for that information. How to check your clients' Shopify gift card balance is provided here

Checking the Admin Portal

Step 1: Navigate to the Products area of your admin panel and choose Gift cards.


Step 2: The customer will provide the gift card number for you to make things simpler. When you locate the correct card number, simply click it to view the information for that card.


After clicking on the card information, you can see the remaining amount, the order number connected to the card, the client's name, and the expiration date. Following that, you can email your client back with this information and continue with the rest of your day.

Sending an Updated Gift Card

Sending your customer an updated gift card through email is another option to monitor their Shopify gift card balance. This is also useful if your consumer misplaces the information from an earlier gift card.

In order to achieve this, go to your Shopify admin page and select Products before selecting gift cards. Click resend gift card when you have located the gift card code you wish to send the customer again. The consumer will receive the relevant card information as a result. If the gift card was partially used previously, the updated balance will be shown on the new gift card.


Where to Find Your Gift Card Code

After login into your Shopify admin page and following the instructions for the gift card, you may find the gift card code. A list of active gift cards with ".." and the card's last four characters will be displayed when you arrive at the gift card page. The complete code can then be seen by clicking on a particular gift card.

3 Fantastic Shopify Gift Card Apps

There are a number of excellent Shopify gift card apps available that may simplify your life and enable you to save money and effort. The top 3 Shopify gift card apps are shown below:

1. ShopKeeper Gift Card Scheduler


Key characteristics at a glance:

  • Simple Delivery of Gift Cards
  • Compatible with the other gift card applications we offer
  • Works among all Shopify packages
  • On the hourly quarter, gift cards may be sent.
  • Customers can still access the links and notifications from the current gift card emails as needed.

Best used for: Customize the recipient's gift card delivery details, including time and method.


10-day free trial

Paid Strategy: From $14.99 per month

2. Gift Box: Automatic Free Gifts


Key characteristics at a glance:

  • Set the rules for an endless supply of free presents.
  • No coding or setup modifications are required.
  • Attractive, sophisticated, and successful design
  • Buy X and receive Y (BOGO)
  • Offer a complimentary present with purchase of customized services or goods.

Best used for: Perfect solution to increase your AOV. By providing free gifts with purchases or BOGOs, ultimately increase spend per client (buy X get Y)


3-day free trial

Paid Strategy: $29.99/month. There can be additional fees.

3. GiftKart: Gift Cards & Rewards


Key characteristics at a glance:

  • Configure e-gift cards
  • Experience with Personalized Gift Cards
  • Planning for Gift Cards
  • Created emails and a redemption page
  • Multi-Language
  • Support for Premium Merchants
  • Branding Assistance

Best used for: Personalized gift cards will allow your devoted clients to introduce your company to their loved ones.


7-day free trial.

Paid Strategy: $29.99/month. There can be additional fees.


In general, gift cards are excellent marketing tools for building your brand. To succeed, they must, however, also be given more responsibility.

Understanding how to check Shopify gift card balance is also a fantastic way for you as the merchant because it can increase your sales and cash flow by great customer’s shopping experience.

Therefore, if you haven't yet begun checking Shopify gift card balance for your customer, this is a good time to do it.