How to easily send Shopify review request email with Ryviu?

September 16, 2022
7 min
Anna Pham

Are you considering adding testimonials to your Shopify store to increase the number of customers visiting your Shopify store, but don't know how?

Your conversion rates and sales can go up by using product reviews to establish your brand as a trustworthy one. Hence, they are essential to make your eCommerce business successful.

Throughout this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to email Shopify review requests.

Let's get started!

Why is it important to ask customers to email Shopify review requests?

The reason is simple: 95% of customers see reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews often have a longer shelf life than social media posts or other brand activities. Consumers trust reviews because they know they are honest. It's not a marketing team trying to sell them. In fact, 83% of shoppers trust product reviews more than advertisements. Product reviews can enhance your brand's reputation, which can help generate more sales.

Daniel, co-founder of Volant, said: “Loox is great because it is photo-centric. We have a very intuitive product, and Loox helps us show off how it looks and adds a lot of social proof. This is a game changer for a business like ours.”

Proactively asking for reviews isn't just good for collecting reviews. But also for the review's overall rating.

When you ask for a review, it's most likely a good one. Compared to customers who are leaving reviews without being asked, statistics show that when asked for a review, customers are more likely to leave a higher rating. And that's not what you want?

When is the best time to email a Shopify review request?

Timing is everything when requesting product reviews. Success depends on it.

However, timing varies from company to company.

You can question clients soon after they make a purchase, for instance, if you provide an immediate good or service. Their memories of your products are still recent. This is ideal if you sell digital goods or provide nearby services.

However, you need to wait a little bit longer before requesting evaluations if you're selling tangible things. You must dispatch the goods and allow adequate time for your customers to test them out.

Our most recent analysis demonstrates that sending review request emails one OR three days following delivery will result in the greatest collection of reviews.


Everything that comes before or follows could reduce the number of reviews you are gathering.

You might not be able to send review request emails based on the delivery status, depending on your logistic partner. In that situation, we advise choosing 14 days following fulfillment.

You can use these facts to make an informed choice. But you also need to think about the context of your offering.

Do you really need to send this email requesting a review at that particular time?

Selling fitness supplements, for example, might demand a lengthier waiting time than phone accessories. Why? Before a consumer can determine whether the supplement was effective, it takes a few weeks (or not).

How to send Shopify review request email?

Using the app will be the best way to send a review request to your customers after they make a purchase from your store.

Ryviu is a great app that allows you to collect and import reviews for your store. One of the top features that Ryviu offers you to get reviews is to email your customers to request a review of their product after each purchase is completed.

In this section, we will give you a general understanding of inquiry review emails and how to create emails to request product reviews from your customers.

Keep track of and manage consumer reviews

To access the Analytics page, navigate to Ryviu Dashboard > Emails.

You may keep track of information about each order placed on your website, including the order ID, rating, status, date, and actions, on this page. You can ask for product reviews from your customers via email based on this helpful information.


There are 5 order statuses listed in the statistics chart with regard to order status:

  • Processing: The desired email will be sent to your consumers to request their product evaluations as soon as an order satisfies all setting criteria in the Email Request Reviews system.
  • Sent: The request emails were issued to the customers
  • Opened: The number of emails sent that were actually opened by the customers.
  • Rating: The number of purchasers who provided feedback on the goods they purchased
  • Failed: Numerous emails were sent but were fruitless.

You can see orders on the review page and sort them according to their status as mentioned above.


Set up Ryviu request review email automation

Businesses can learn from consumer feedback what works, attract new clients, and increase product sales. To learn how to set up your request review email, please refer to the steps below.

Before logging into Ryviu we need to register an account and download Ryviu to our Shopify.

Step 1. Login with Ryviu and select Emails > Automations.

Set “Email review request” to “On.” This function can only be enabled by Ryviu premium plans.


Step 2: Configure the timing for your email review request.

Set the action to send emails

You can specify your timeframe in Shopify to occur after “Purchased,” “Fulfilled,” or “Delivery”

Ryviu enables you to timing review request emails based on product delivery after “Delivery”.

If your delivery times vary from order to order, delivery-based timing enables you to always get in touch with your customers.

By using the shipment status field on orders in Shopify, you may leverage delivery-based timing.


Choose a delay period for the action of sending emails.

You can choose between “day,” “hour,” and “minutes” after action when setting the timing in “Time delay.”

Step 3. Set up your “Request review email” template


Our program will automatically send emails using our email and default template.

In your request email, change ” Your domain” and “From name” to the values you want your customers to view.

In Emails > Templates, you can make another template and then choose your own from the list under “Template.”

Step 4: Set up thank page


If you choose “Type” as “Template,” we will automatically open a “Thank You” page from our end once consumers leave reviews based on your “Thank you” template.

Please enter the URL you want consumers to be sent to after leaving reviews, if “Type” is ” Redirect to the URL.”

  • Without a template for a discount
  • With a template for a discount code

When making this email template, kindly include your discount code.


Type Redirect to the URL:


Create your own thank-you page for your store and add the URL there so that after consumers leave reviews, they are forwarded there.

Step 5: When finished, click the “Save Changes” button.


With Ryviu, You can easily create a Shopify review request email by referencing this tutorial.

Once a request email is received, you can manually send it to your customer on the Analytics page by clicking the envelope icon in the Order Processing Actions section. Otherwise, the email will be sent according to your settings on the Automation page.

Note: Before sending an email to a client, you need to verify your domain email by following this guide.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via email or live chat.