Top 10 Best Shopify Stores Clothing Examples

Sep 13, 2023
Alice Pham

Shopify has emerged as the leading eCommerce platform, paving the way for countless clothing brands to thrive digitally. This article will take you through the top 10 best Shopify stores clothing examples. These remarkable businesses showcase stunning apparel and innovative strategies that have redefined how we shop for fashion online.

Top 10 Best Shopify Store Clothing Examples

#1. Roden Gray - One of Shopify’s leading menswear shops

Roden Gray, a prominent player in the Shopify ecosystem, stands out as a top destination for men's fashion enthusiasts. Unlike many others, this distinctive retailer doesn't craft its own clothing but meticulously curates a diverse selection from numerous global brands and designers. 

This approach results in a unique collection that celebrates various cultures and design aesthetics, united only by their exceptional quality. Moreover, Roden Gray extends its sartorial prowess to a physical boutique in downtown Vancouver, offering a tangible touchpoint for fashion aficionados.

#2. Judith and Charles - Top Shopify fashion store for high-end items

Judith & Charles, a thriving fashion destination for women hailing from Canada, has masterfully aligned its digital presence with its high-fashion offerings. The selected Shopify theme impeccably mirrors the brand's ethos, featuring bold and captivating imagery that draws the eye. The website's overall design is a testament to simplicity, with a predominantly white and muted backdrop, allowing the products to take center stage.

One of the standout features that distinguishes this store is its innovative "complete the look" functionality, driven by website recommendations. This feature not only simplifies the shopping experience but also elevates the customer's ability to curate their individual style, making Judith & Charles a trailblazer in the world of online fashion retail.

#3. Greats - Brooklyn’s first sneaker brand

Established in 2014, Greats proudly bears the distinction of being Brooklyn's inaugural sneaker brand. What sets them apart is their commitment to simplicity – their sneakers exude a plain style, embodying a mission to offer versatile products free from the "BS attitude" often associated with iconic retro sneakers, catering to both men and women.

Yet, their mission extends beyond style; Greats strongly emphasizes sustainability and ethical labor practices, ensuring their products are fashionable and conscientious.

Moreover, their Shopify site serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence, boasting a design that is as well-crafted as their sneakers.

#4. Hardgraft - The Best Men’s Fashion Online Store in Europe

For European shoppers with a taste for elegance, Hardgraft stands as a distinctive destination offering a curated selection of clothing and accessories. To solidify its position among the elite fashion stores on Shopify, this brand has employed a range of custom elements that showcase its signature style.

From meticulously crafted navigation menus to instant FAQ section pop-ups, and not to mention, breathtaking product photography, every aspect of their online presence exudes sophistication. This unwavering commitment to consistent branding and an unwavering investment in impeccable design not only captivates but also instills trust in their discerning customer base. In a world of fashion, Hardgraft truly understands the art of making a lasting impression.

#5. 3sixteen - Shopify clothing store with incredible imagery

If you're in search of a Shopify clothing store that effortlessly combines stunning imagery with exceptional style, 3sixteen is an absolute must-visit.

Their website boasts a captivating blend of high-quality product images and in-situ photographs of individuals donning their apparel. Navigating through 3sixteen's digital space feels akin to strolling through a luxurious boutique.

This unwavering dedication to design excellence extends beyond their clothing line to every facet of their brand, including their website and innovative artist collaboration projects. 3sixteen is a true embodiment of the marriage between fashion and artistry.

#6. Negative Underwear- a well-designed Shopify clothing store with great product imagery

In the quest for a meticulously crafted Shopify clothing store with impeccable product imagery, Negative stands as a top destination worth exploring.

Negative's entire storefront exudes a minimalist aesthetic, harmonizing seamlessly with their brand ethos. Their mission is clear: to offer straightforward, comfortable underwear without the embellishments often associated with women's lingerie, such as lace, padding, or decorations.

Mirroring this straightforward approach, their website design maintains simplicity, allowing their product images to take center stage and speak for themselves. Negative proves that in the realm of eCommerce, less truly can be more.

#7. SM Global - a K-Pop merchandise store for fans of the popular music genre

In today's K-Pop landscape, SM Global shines as the ultimate destination for K-Pop merchandise enthusiasts. Catering to a highly sought-after niche audience, this brand has solidified its success by forging official partnerships with K-Pop idols' apparel distributors. This unique collaboration empowers fans to connect directly with their beloved idols through fashion, fostering a sense of loyalty and community within the shop's customer base.

In addition to its exclusive offerings, SM Global has honed its website design to perfection. Ensuring effortless navigation and seamless purchasing experiences, the brand leaves no stone unturned in delivering what K-Pop fans desire. For those who live and breathe K-Pop, SM Global is more than just a store—it's a gateway to a world of music, fashion, and fandom.

#8. Kerrits - Shopify clothing store for women and children who ride horses

Kerrits, a trailblazer in the world of equestrian fashion, has redefined performance wear for women and children who share a passion for horse riding. Beyond their core line of innovative riding gear, Kerrits has recently expanded into crafting everyday clothing inspired by the equestrian lifestyle, allowing enthusiasts to carry their love for horses wherever they roam.

Originally established as a wholesale enterprise, Kerrits adeptly recognized the evolving landscape of fashion eCommerce. Embracing the trend toward direct-to-consumer engagement, the brand leveraged email marketing to connect directly with its audience. Today, Kerrits proudly showcases its vibrant and user-friendly Shopify store, seamlessly catering to both its core and lifestyle brands. With a commitment to delivering a seamless shopping experience, Kerrits ensures that horse enthusiasts can effortlessly combine fashion and passion in their everyday lives.

#9. Love Luna - Shopify store example with a social and environmental impact

Love Luna stands as a paragon of what a clothing store should embody, with its vibrant aesthetics, intuitive user interface, and thoughtful design tailored precisely for its audience. Yet, it transcends the ordinary, embodying a brand that genuinely values its social and environmental impact.

Love Luna's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility aligns with its mission of providing reusable sanitary products and women's clothing. Leveraging strategic upselling techniques, the company boosts its sales and fosters a sense of conscious consumerism among its clientele. To sweeten the deal, Love Luna offers the convenience of free shipping, making it a beacon of excellence in ethical and stylish fashion retail.

#10. Bee Inspired Clothing - Shopify clothing store focusing on streetwears

Bee Inspired Clothing is a Shopify store that offers a wide range of products, including jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, footwear, and streetwear. Their products are known for their high quality and unique designs, making them stand out in the market. The brand caters to sporty customers, offering stylish clothing that captures their attention.

The store's website has a simple structure, making it easy for shoppers to browse and stay engaged. Bee Inspired Clothing is generous with discounts, offering buyers 50 to 60% off. They also utilize pop-ups to communicate offers and discounts to customers effectively. Additionally, first-time mobile app users receive a 10% discount, incentivizing app downloads and increasing customer loyalty. Overall, Bee Inspired Clothing is a standout Shopify fashion store that provides inspiration for others in the industry.

Why Should You Build Online Clothing Stores with Shopify?

Shopify is indeed a popular choice for building online clothing stores. Here's a summary of the key advantages:

  • Attractive & professional design: Shopify offers flexible templates that ensure a visually appealing and professional look for your clothing store on various devices.
  • Automated updates: Regular updates keep your store up-to-date with the latest features and improvements, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • Excellent customer support: Shopify provides various channels for customer support, including email, phone calls, and live chat, ensuring assistance when needed.
  • Saves time & resources: The user-friendly interface, customization options, and drag-and-drop features simplify the process of building and managing your online store, saving both time and resources.
  • Store management: Shopify's intuitive interface and advanced functionalities make store management straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise.

In summary, Shopify's combination of design flexibility, automated updates, strong support, ease of use, and efficient store management makes it a compelling choice for creating successful online clothing stores. When you want to create a clothing store with Shopify you first need to sign up for a Shopify account and use a Shopify clothing theme, and consider some Shopify clothing apps to make your store more professional.

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Shopify Stores Clothing: FAQs

1. What clothing stores are on Shopify?

Many clothing stores use Shopify as their eCommerce platform. Some examples include Gymshark, Fashion Nova, Allbirds, and Kylie Cosmetics. However, thousands of clothing stores of all sizes across various niches use Shopify to sell their products.

2. Do clothing brands use Shopify?

Yes, many clothing brands use Shopify as their eCommerce platform. Shopify is popular for clothing brands because of its user-friendly interface, customization options, and eCommerce features. It provides the tools needed to showcase and sell clothing products online effectively.

3. Is it worth selling clothes on Shopify?

Selling clothes on Shopify can be a worthwhile endeavor. Shopify offers a range of benefits for clothing sellers, including customizable design templates, reliable hosting, secure payment processing, and access to a vast app ecosystem for marketing and sales optimization. Success on Shopify depends on factors like product quality, marketing strategy, and customer engagement, but the platform itself is well-suited for clothing businesses.

4. What popular stores use Shopify?

Many popular and well-known brands and stores use Shopify for their online presence. Some examples include: Gymshark, Fashion Nova, Allbirds, Kylie Cosmetics, Nestle. Shopify's versatility suits a wide range of businesses, from small startups to established global brands.

Final Words

In this curated selection of the top 10 Shopify store clothing examples, we've witnessed the epitome of eCommerce excellence. These brands not only deliver exceptional fashion but also showcase the unparalleled potential of the Shopify platform. With visually captivating designs and user-friendly interfaces, these stores serve as beacons of inspiration for entrepreneurs venturing into online clothing retail.