Shopify Theme Detector - How To Find Shopify Theme Name?

November 2, 2022
Anna Pham

Looking to find out what Shopify theme a store or website is using?

Well, you've found the right tool!

There are many reasons why you might want to find the theme that an eCommerce site is using. It may have an impressive design, be fast, or have unique features. You might as well just be curious!

But whatever the reason, we're here to help. The new Shopify theme detector will help you find the theme your store is using in seconds. Simply paste or type the URL of your Shopify store in the tool above, and it can automatically find the theme name for your Shopify.

Let’s started!

What is a Shopify theme?

Have you ever been wowed by a store experience and wondered what Shopify theme was used?

When you're creating a Shopify store, it's natural to notice other store designs and wonder what themes and apps are driving their success.

Why should you know how to find a Shopify theme for a store? It's an excellent way to quickly obtain the information you require.

If you like the store's website design and want to modify your own Shopify store to achieve a similar look, you can get some quick ideas by looking at their theme.

Reasons to identify the theme of another store

  • You like it and want to replicate it for your store. If it's a pre-built theme, you can download it and customize it for your own needs.
  • You're curious about the differences between pre-built themes and custom-builds. If you see something you like, you can see if it's part of a template or if it needs to be customized on top of the base theme.
  • You want to know what your competitors are doing by observing what works and what doesn't. Are your most successful competitors, for example, using prebuilt themes or custom-builds?

What is Shopify Theme Detector?

First, let's define what a Shopify theme detector is and what it does.

Simply put, a Shopify theme detector allows you to determine which Shopify theme was used on any online Shopify store.

The detector will inform you of the theme and whether or not it has been customized.

The Shopify theme detector is an intelligent web application that allows merchants to quickly determine which Shopify Theme is being used on any given Shopify store. There are currently 70+ free and premium themes available for purchase in the official Shopify theme store, as well as 10,000+ custom-made themes designed by third-party designers.

There are many great Shopify themes available, and it can be difficult to find one that perfectly suits your needs. Recognizing that selecting the right Shopify theme is a critical component of building a profitable online business,

How To Find Shopify Theme Name?

For merchants who want to start selling with Shopify right away, there are over 100+ Shopify Themes available. With so many themes available, you may come across a Shopify-powered store with a design you like but can't figure out which theme they're using. Fortunately, we have some Shopify theme detectors that can tell us how to find the name of a Shopify theme in order to spy on any store.

Method 1: Find the Shopify theme ID by viewing the page source

When using Chrome to visit a Shopify store, right-click anywhere on the page and select View Page Source.


You'll notice the website's code. Find the "Shopify.theme" string that includes the name and ID of the Shopify theme in question


Method 2: Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser

  1. Navigate to the Shopify-powered store in Chrome.
  2. Use the command (Ctrl + U) to view the page source.
  3. Use the Find command (Ctrl + F).
  4. Now, in the code tab that appears to label the piece of code that lists the theme's name, type "shopify.theme."
  5. You'll be taken to a snippet that looks something like this.

As you can see on line 117, the Shopify theme used on this store is called "Booster."

Of course, the theme you desire may not be a standard Shopify theme at all. If the store owner is using a custom theme or has renamed the theme, you may see something like this:


The theme name in the preceding example is "EcomSolid." This theme is not available on Shopify Theme Store or Theme Forest.

As a result, the theme you're seeing may not be available for download from any theme store.


Mothod 3: Detect a theme using Shopify Chrome extensions

Among Chrome extensions, there are several Shopify theme detectors. Koala Inspector is the most informative. After you install it, you can open it from your browser's extension icon and analyze any store.


It not only displays the theme, but it also identifies the Shopify apps that have been installed in this store. Furthermore, this Shopify inspector tool provides information about the number of products on the store, their lowest and highest prices, the amount of traffic, and any current Google Ads campaigns.

Another Chrome extension, Shopify App Detector, identifies the theme and app stack (though its app detection range is limited):


Method 4: Using a Chrome Extension called “Shopify App Detector by“. 

Simply open the Shopify store and select the extension. As shown below, it will display the Theme Name as well as a list of all the apps installed on the store. If the theme is available in the Shopify Theme Store, you'll be given a link to test it out.


Method 5: Using to detect the Shopify Theme.

  1. Viewing the website Gochyu Shopify Theme Detector
  2. Enter the Shopify website and press the Detect button.
  3. It will display the website preview as well as the Theme name and link.


These are the few methods for determining the theme used on any Shopify store. Do you have any Shopify Theme Detector-related questions? Do you want to have a custom theme created for your store? Do you require the assistance of skilled Shopify developers? We are always willing to assist.