12 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Your Site

Sep 22, 2023
Anna Pham
wordpress calculator plugin

In today's digital landscape, websites have evolved into dynamic platforms that cater to diverse user needs. Whether you're running an eCommerce store, a financial advisory blog, or an online booking service, the ability to offer interactive calculators on your WordPress website can greatly enhance user engagement and functionality. WordPress calculator plugins have become invaluable tools for web developers and site owners, from mortgage calculators to fitness trackers and everything in between. 

In this article, we'll explore the 12 best WordPress calculator plugins that can empower your website with interactive and user-friendly calculators, enhancing the overall user experience and providing valuable utility to your visitors.

Why Add a Calculator plugin in WordPress?

Adding a calculator to your website with WordPress calculator plugins benefits you in multiple ways.

Transparent pricing

One compelling reason to incorporate a calculator plugin into your WordPress site is to provide transparent pricing to your audience. Whether selling products or services or offering financial advice, a calculator enables users to compute costs, helping them make informed decisions instantly. By eliminating guesswork and providing accurate cost estimates, you establish trust with your audience, as they appreciate the transparency and reliability of your offerings.

Attract traffic

A well-implemented calculator can also be a potent tool for attracting organic traffic. When people search for specific calculations or cost estimates on search engines, your website can rank higher in search results if it offers relevant calculators. This increases your site's visibility and draws in users actively seeking information, thereby enhancing the chances of converting them into loyal visitors or customers.

Boosts engagement

Interactive calculator plugins are excellent engagement tools. They captivate your audience's attention, encouraging them to spend more time on your site. These calculators provide an enjoyable user experience, making your website memorable and enabling users to return. Moreover, calculators can be shared across social media platforms, expanding your site's reach and boosting user engagement.

In summary, a calculator plugin on WordPress can improve transparency, attract organic traffic, and enhance user engagement. It's a strategic move that benefits your users and contributes to your website's overall success and credibility.

With that being said, let's start our list of the 12 best WordPress calculator plugins.

12 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Your Site

WordPress calculator plugins offer an effective way to empower your website with interactive and user-friendly calculators. These tools are invaluable for various purposes, such as eCommerce, finance, and content engagement.

Whether you need a simple cost estimator or a complex financial calculator, this list has you covered.

#1. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a versatile WordPress calculator plugin that simplifies creating custom calculators. It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder, making it easy for anyone to create interactive calculators.

wordpress calculator plugin 1

Key features:

  • Perform calculations on various fields  
  • Quickly calculate payments by dragging and dropping
  • Show calculated results in real-time 
  • Support for complex formulas 
  • Responsive design for mobile-friendly calculators.


  • Free version available.
  • Premium plans start at $48 per year.

#2. Ez Form Calculator

The WordPress form builder ez Form Calculator is simple to use. For your website, it easily creates sophisticated cost estimators, complex contact forms, or form calculators. With ez Form Calculator, you can increase your business's lead generation.

wordpress calculator plugin 2

Key features:

  • Quickly add checkboxes, dropdown menus, and radio buttons with only a few clicks. 
  • Automated calculation of the form's values.
  • Create response emails and PDF files from submissions with ease.


  • Regular license: $49(one-time fee).
  • Extended license: $199 (one-time fee).

#3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a popular WordPress form builder with built-in calculator features. It's suitable for creating eCommerce, finance, and more calculation forms.

wordpress calculator plugin 3

Key features:

  • Display form data
  • Build online calculators
  • Get advanced calculations for instant quotes, product forms, and more.
  • Create surveys and polls in a few clicks and get results fast.


  • Basic plan: $39.5/year.
  • Plus plan: $99.5/year.
  • Business plan: $199.5/year.
  • Elite plan: $299.5 per year.

#4. Cost Calculator Builder

Cost Calculator Builder is known for its user-friendly calculator-building capabilities. It's an ideal choice for creating cost estimation calculators and pricing tables. It helps you build any estimation form in a few easy steps. 

wordpress calculator plugin 4

Key features:

  • User-friendly calculator builder.
  • Create cost estimation calculators and pricing tables
  • Create unlimited calculation forms and insert them on any page or post
  • Offer drag-n-drop calculation form
  • Freely customize colors, fonts, and background colors
  • Integration with popular page builders.


  • Regular license: $24 (one-time fee).

#5. Stylish Cost Calculator

As the name suggests, Stylish Cost Calculator focuses on creating visually appealing calculators. It offers stylish designs and extensive customization options.

wordpress calculator plugin 5

Key features:

  • Stylish and customizable calculator designs.
  • Multi-step forms for complex calculations.
  • Blur or hide the total price to generate more leads. 
  • Send and manage quotes via SMS


  • Regular license: $34 (one-time fee).

#6. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form is designed for real-time calculation updates. It's particularly useful for integrating calculations with other form fields and elements.

wordpress calculator plugin 6

Key features:

  • An interactive and logically designed visual form builder
  • An advanced formula editor 
  • Features a variety of operations modules, including operations for dialing remote services, text management, financial operations, mathematical operations, operations with dates, and operations for distance. 
  • Variety of design templates
  • Easily copy a form by clicking the "Clone" button.


  • Regular license: $33 (one-time fee).

#7. Responsive Mortgage Calculator

This specialized calculator plugin is designed specifically for mortgage calculations. It offers adjustable interest rates, terms, and a built-in currency converter.

wordpress calculator plugin 7

Key features:

  • Specialized in mortgage calculations.
  • Adjustable interest rates and terms.
  • Responsive design and easy setup.
  • Nice popup summary with chart and amortization schedule.
  • Built-in currency converter for global users.


  • Regular license: $19 (one-time fee).

#8. Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

If you run an eCommerce website, the Measurement Price Calculator Plugin can be a game-changer. It calculates product prices based on measurements, making it ideal for selling products with variable dimensions.

wordpress calculator plugin 8

Key features:

  • Use the quantity calculator for products.
  • Use any combination of units.
  • Displayed Product prices per unit in a shop and on product pages
  • Pricing calculator dynamic weight: calculate product weight "per unit" for shipping
  • Calculators available for all physical attributes: dimensions, area, surface area, volume, or weight
  • Area, volume, perimeter, and surface area calculators allow simple inputs or independently entering length, width, and height.
  • Unique "Room Walls" calculator for selling wallpaper


  • Regular license: $149 per year

#9. Forminator

Forminator is a comprehensive form builder plugin with calculator capabilities. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and is suitable for creating various forms, including calculations.

wordpress calculator plugin 9

Key features:

  • Easy to set and add forms to your WordPress website
  • Custom forms for all your needs with as many fields 
  • Collect information, generate leads, take orders, and engage visitors.
  • Take payments, donations, down payments, and sell merch with the included Stripe and PayPal integrations.


  • Free version available.
  • Pro version starts at $3 per month.

#10. WPForm

WPForms is a beginner-friendly form builder that includes smart calculation features. It's known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for users with little technical expertise.

wordpress calculator plugin 10

Key features:

  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Start with pre-built form templates 
  • Responsive mobile friendly
  • Easily create high-performance forms with smart conditional logic.
  • Respond to leads quickly with an instant form notification feature
  • Offer customizable coupon codes
  • Save and back up your form to a Google Sheet.


  • Basic plan: $39.6 per year.
  • Plus plan: $79.6 per year.
  • Pro plan: $159.6 per year.
  • Elite plan: $239.6 per year.

#11. Cost Calculator WordPress

Cost Calculator WordPress focuses on user-friendly calculator building. It allows you to create customizable calculators that can be easily embedded into your WordPress site.

wordpress calculator plugin 11

Key features:

  • User-friendly calculator builder.
  • Customizable design and layouts.
  • Conditional logic for dynamic results.
  • Multi-language support for global audiences.


  • Regular license: $29 (one-time fee).
  • Extended License: $954 (one-time fee).

#12. CC BMI Calculator

CC BMI Calculator is a specialized plugin for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). It's designed to be easy to use and can be quickly embedded into your site using a short code.

wordpress calculator plugin 12

Key features:

  • Specialized for calculating BMI.
  • Configurable measurement units.
  • Responsive design for various devices.
  • Easy-to-use short code for embedding.


  • Regular license: $15 (one-time fee).


Selecting the right WordPress calculator plugin depends on your website's specific needs and budget. Whether you prioritize user-friendliness, advanced features, or visual aesthetics, there's a calculator plugin in this list to suit your requirements. Integrating a calculator plugin can significantly enhance your website's functionality and user experience, making it a valuable addition for various purposes, from eCommerce to content engagement.