Top 10+ Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

December 19, 2022
Anna Pham

Shopify not only makes it simple to sell online, but it also offers the essentials required for online stores to succeed in the eCommerce market. If you need a way to increase your sales, the top Shopify apps are a great resource for you. We've sorted through over 2,000 apps to bring you the top 10 Shopify apps because we know it can be difficult to sort through the vast app store and test over 2,000 apps to find the best ones for your online store. 

Here is a list of the top 10+ best Shopify apps to increase sales and help your business grow. Especially since this list includes a few free apps.

Why Making Use of the Right Shopify Apps Can Boost Sales?

It's easy to see how these top Shopify apps could help you when how to start a new online store. Whether you want to incorporate customer reviews, improve email marketing, advertise your products on Facebook, or gather comprehensive data, there is an app for that. It's critical that you pick the best app for your store.

The following are some of the main benefits:

  • Save time
  • Boost traffics, grow the customer databases, and implement referral programs
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve the user experience

Fortunately, the majority of Shopify apps are easy to install and reasonably priced given the potential revenue they could generate.

Top 10+ Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales

1. Hubspot CRM


As you may already know, Hubspot CRM is one of the top Shopify apps available. It is the go-to app for all of your lead and user tracking, organization, and adoration needs. It is a free app because using it for your business won't cost you a dime.

Your online store's data is synchronized with HubSpot using the Shopify HubSpot CRM. Use it then to automate and personalize your marketing campaigns. With the aid of the HubSpot Shopify App Store, you can obtain your HubSpot CRM.

Key features

For Shopify, HubSpot created an integration that directs your marketing mix. You can carry out the following tasks with the aid of this integration:

  • Hubspot can be connected to your specific Shopify store.
  • Analyze your HubSpot data in relation to Shopify.
  • Synchronizes products, contacts, and orders automatically.
  • Aids in separating contacts into product-based segments.
  • Automates the campaigns for online stores.


It falls under the category of free Shopify apps, as was already mentioned. However, there is a chance that additional fees will be incurred. The externals are responsible for creating and billing these external costs. It won't ever be on the Shopify bill.

2. Ryviu App


Use the popular Shopify app Ryviu to gather reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, or Etsy. It enables the creation of review widgets, the automation of emails requesting reviews, and the addition of product-specific Q&A sections. The free plan only includes 20 AliExpress review imports.

Ryviu, a review app, can boost your store's social proof, increase its credibility, and boost conversion rates as a result.

The software is incredibly simple to use. The administration system has seven main tabs. The "Reviews" section of the "Home" tab of the app allows you to manage, analyze, and import user reviews. You can find a list of all the products, customer reviews, and any Q&A under the "Items" tab.

Key features

  • Collect and showcase customer testimonials for each product;
  • Display reviews prominently on each page;
  • Display a rating carousel widget everywhere;
  • Utilizing Google Rich Snippets, make reviews stand out somewhere in the Google search results;
  • The design can be changed;
  • enabling language editing;
  • Examine the import of CSV files;
  • Editing a live CSV file;
  • Before importing, review filtering;
  • Import ratings from various URLs;
  • Create questions and answers about any product as soon as possible; let users vote on their favorite questions and answers;
  • Enabling language editing;
  • Email automation;
  • A sophisticated editor for email templates;
  • Thank You page with the voucher attached.


  • Free offer
  • Simple - Starting at $6.99 a month.
  • Advanced - Starting at $9.99 a month.
  • From $19.99 per month for unlimited.

Ryviu is the app to use if you want to build social proof for your online store. You can without a doubt download the app for FREE and use its fantastic features. Utilize Ryviu to foster customer trust and encourage product purchases from store visitors. Boost sales at your shop to increase profits!

3. UpPromote Affiliate Marketing


A potential marketing strategy for your company is affiliate marketing, which enables free advertising. Additionally, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is a comprehensive marketing tool that can help you develop, monitor, and succeed with Affiliate marketing.

There is no need for technical expertise because UpPromote is user-friendly for all users, even beginners. You can create numerous affiliate programs with different commission structures using the app.

Each affiliate using UpPromote will have an automatically generated affiliate link. Additionally, you can give members discount codes that go to your homepage. The app uses a variety of tracking techniques to keep track of all referral orders from your affiliates. Additionally, you can quickly assess your affiliates' productivity using the affiliate report's click-and-sale statistics.

Key features

  • The "Check your setup" feature, along with the Quickstart instructions, make it simple for beginners to begin developing their ambassador teams.
  • Creating multiple commission schemes, implementing auto-tier commission, and implementing lifetime commission.
  • Automatic and immediate tracking and reporting of affiliate performance and referral orders.
  • Expanding your affiliate network through a free listing on UpPromote Marketplace; the affiliate program conversion feature; and the multi-level marketing feature.
  • Using bulk emails and in-app chat to communicate with affiliates.
  • Automatic PayPal payment.


  • Free trial period of 14 days for all pricing options
  • Plan prices range from $19.99 to $119.99 per month.

4. Recart


One of the top Shopify messenger apps is RECART. More than 110,000 retailers have installed it as of late to improve their online stores. eCommerce vendors created RECART in order to increase sales through messenger marketing.

By automating the chat conversation with your customers in a specific way on Facebook Messenger, you can get better results than sending an email to the email marketing folder. Messenger will be the next generation of marketing.

Messenger marketing is expanding more quickly than email marketing. Almost everyone reads the messages, and RECART offers a variety of one-click subscription tools, making it very simple to sign up for its services.

Key features

  • Symbols of the Abandoned Cart
  • List of product reviews
  • Orders receipts
  • Announcements of shipments
  • Welcome letters
  • With instant Facebook campaigns, you can easily outperform your email newsletter with opening and clickthrough rates that are 4-6 times higher.


Pricing is determined by the extra income the application generates. The monthly price is $29 to begin with. A higher-tier plan with more features can be had for as little as $499 per month.

5. Plug in SEO


One of the best free Shopify apps is Plugin SEO. It assists you in locating, analyzing, and resolving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) problems. It consequently increases web traffic to your online store.

Additionally, this app recognizes problems with page titles and descriptions, speed, and many other things automatically. Additionally, it contains code snippets that you can use to quickly find a solution to any issue on your own.

Key attributes

  • By learning how to optimize your Shopify store the simplest way possible, you can raise your SEO ranking.
  • Increases organic traffic because higher rankings bring in more free SEO visitors.
  • It provides bulk SEO data editing.
  • Easily optimizes the blog.
  • Helps to immediately fix SEO-related problems.


It has a seven-day free trial that lasts forever, making it one of the best Shopify apps you absolutely must use. However, if you want to have more features and improvements, you can purchase the Plugin SEO plus subscription for $20 per month. All fees are billed in US dollars.

6. Google Channel


One of the best Shopify apps to increase sales, Google Channel automatically updates Google Merchant Center with the pertinent data and your products from your Shopify store.

The Merchant Center will receive automatic feed updates. Thanks to the Google Shopping app, creating online ads for your products is simpler.

You can reach customers all over the world by syncing your products, connecting this app to your Google Merchant Center, setting up a Smart Shopping campaign, and connecting a Google Ads account.

Key characteristics:

  • Pay per click for your ad
  • Ad placement and bidding optimization.
  • Earn a free credit to use on your campaign.
  • Run advertising campaigns and monitor the outcomes
  • Depending on your audience, decide the best time and location to display the appropriate products.

7. Automizely & Aftership: Emails & Pop Up

This all-in-one Email marketing and conversion optimization apps for store sales is available for you to promote lead generation, optimize conversions, and boost sales. You can easily set up the app to automate your email marketing and send newsletters, welcome emails, and abandoned cart emails without any programming knowledge.

Highlights include:

  • You can find all the popups you need in one location to increase sales and subscriber conversion.
  • More than 30 helpful marketing tools, including trust badges, web push, social proof, and sales boost, can be set up quickly.

Pricing: Automizely Emails & Popups are free for up to 300 contacts, but for larger customer databases, you can get unlimited emails starting at $11/month.


8. Hextom: Free Shipping Bar


One of the top Shopify conversion apps is Hextom. Nowadays, customers anticipate retailers to provide free shipping as a benefit for making multiple purchases. To increase cart values and purchases, advertise your free shipping offers with progressive notifications and a cart goal. Throughout the holiday season, encourage your customers to make larger purchases. Advanced targeting is made possible by displaying various free shipping offers based on the country, pages, device, and time frame.

Highlights include:

  • As customers add more items to their shopping carts, free shipping offers with progressive messages slide out and can be customized are made available.
  • Keep track of each bar's performance to learn which free shipping objectives lead to the most revenue.
  • Automatically determine the local currencies of visitors and convert the free shipping amount using current exchange rates.

Pricing: A basic plan is available for free, and for $9.99 per month, you can upgrade to one that includes country targeting, unlimited active bars, and background images.

9. Instafeed


To reach a wider audience, Instafeed creates personalized Instagram feeds that are shoppable.

Instagram and Shopify are connected in both directions. Your Shopify store can incorporate your Instagram feed. As a result, your Instagram following expands, your store's content looks fresh, and social proof is displayed on your Shopify store.

Additionally, you can use Instafeed to make shoppable Instagram posts. This could turn Instagram users into Shopify clients.

The admin panel for Shopify fully integrates Instafeed, allowing you to manage your feeds from within Shopify.

Key characteristics:

  • Suited to all themes and gadgets
  • Adaptable post formats
  • Posting on Instagram with a product tag
  • Posting likes displayed

Pricing: A free plan with basic feed features is available. Paid subscriptions with more feeds, advanced layouts, and product tagging begin at $5.99 per month.

10. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell


Reconvert gives you the option to personalize your order confirmation/thank you page, enabling you to build an upsell funnel after the customer makes a purchase.

Customers check the order status page to see shipping updates, so this is the ideal time to retarget them with an upselling offer.

Key features:

  • The post-purchase page being customized.
  • Widgets with product recommendations, post-purchase surveys, and discount popups


  • Free trial: There is a no-cost option
  • Price: $7.99/month and up


Nearly all of the top Shopify apps in each category, which are necessary for a successful online store, have been covered in this article. The best way to improve your eCommerce store's functionality in a more structured and user-friendly way is to use Shopify apps.

Feel free to recommend additional Shopify apps now that you have the opportunity to pick any of your favorites from our list of the best Shopify apps to increase sales.