Post-Purchase Evaluation: Ways To Win Long-Lasting Customers

January 12, 2023
Anna Pham

Post-Purchase Evaluation plays a crucial role in today's competitive business world. Every store must ensure to not only attract new customers, but also retain and nurture existing ones. One of the crucial ways to do this is through the post-purchase evaluation, which means analyzing and assessing the customer's experience once they purchase at your store. 

A Post-Purchase Evaluation can help a store to identify the areas to improve its product quality or service. Also, it enables you to find out the reason behind cart abandonment and customer dissatisfaction. To understand your customers better, you must regularly keep track of the feedback and reviews you receive from your customers and solve them. 

This blog will help you understand post-purchase evaluation and its examples. Also, some ways to evaluate the post-purchase experience and different ways to win long-lasting customers. 

What is Post-Purchase Evaluation?


Post-purchase evaluation is the process of evaluating a product that a customer purchased. It would help if you assessed whether the product met the customer's expectations, whether it was worth the price, and whether your product was the best fit. 

Post-purchase evaluation will help customers decide whether to repeat purchases at the same store, give feedback, rate the product, or refer your brand to others. These details are used to improve product quality and to improve customer satisfaction. 

Why is Post-Purchase Evaluation Necessary?


Post-purchase evaluation is essential for the customers to understand the quality of the product they have purchased and whether it met their expectations or not. It will allow customers to make decisions about their future purchases. 

Also, stores need to improve their product or service. If the customer is not happy with the product, they will give you feedback with which you can make necessary improvements and enhance customer satisfaction. 

So, as a store owner, you could understand the customer's needs and preferences. With customer feedback, a business can gain valuable insights into what their customers want from your store. With this information, you can tailor your offerings to better meet your customers' needs. 

Different Ways People Evaluate Their Purchase

You should know various questions that a customer will evaluate on their purchase like,

  • Did the customer's needs for the purchase get encountered?
  • Are they satisfied with their purchase?
  • Would they give the product a recommendation or review?
  • Was the purchasing amount paid valuable?
  • Will the customer remain loyal to the brand?
  • Would the customer purchase the same product?
  • Will they buy another comparable item from the store?

Ways to Win Long-Lasting Customers


There are various ways that you should focus on winning long-lasting customers. Let's look into some of the most important ones that you should know.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to interact with your customers after their post-purchase. Here are a few ways to use email marketing effectively and improve the customer experience; 

Through automated email marketing, send surveys and encourage customers to give their feedback on the product or about their experience at your store. It gives you a perfect idea of what worked well and what needs improvement from your side. 

Through email marketing, you can ask for feedback or a review of a product. This customer feedback will help new purchasers decide what they should purchase. Also, through email marketing, you can help customers by answering their questions. Additionally, you can use your customer's email address to introduce the new product you launch and, most importantly, send them thank you emails. 

Rewards based on Purchase History

Rewarding customers based on their purchase history will encourage repeat purchases and improve customer loyalty. There can be various ways you can reward customers on their purchase history. For example;

  • Last order rewards 
  • Last order amount
  • Number of orders made 
  • Number of orders on selected products 
  • Number of quantities on selected products 
  • Total spent

These rewards based on purchase history will excite customers and make them revisit your store. You can reward customers in all the ways mentioned above by using a WooCommerce loyalty plugin, as a well-built plugin will help you to automate and customize your rewards. 

Also, it allows you to understand your customers, their needs, and their likes & dislikes, and naturally improve your customers' shopping experience. 

Next Order Coupons

You can offer your customers discounts after purchasing the following order coupons. These coupons can improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases at your store. In post-purchase evaluation, you can use the following order coupons to measure your customer's experience and satisfaction. 

You can drive repeat sales by sending the following order coupons. Moreover, getting repeated sales is much easier than acquiring new customers. You can create and send unique coupon codes and drive repeated sales. Also, sending the next order coupon can be accessible by installing the right automated plugin on your website. 

Track customers' activities and preferences to win long-lasting customers for your store. So, you can send a coupon for their preferred products. 

Encourage Product Reviews/Feedback.

There are various ways you can motivate your customers to write product reviews or feedback for the products they have purchased. First, you can give a clear call to action on your store's website or product packaging. It will be easy for the customers to click on the link and write a review or product in just a simple click. 

Secondly, send follow-up emails or messages after the purchase, encouraging them to write a review. Then, offer incentives such as offers or discounts for writing a review. Through this, you can encourage more customers to engage with your brand. Always ask for regular reviews, whether through email surveys or text messages. 

Try utilizing social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter to ask for product reviews or feedback. Or you can use the Ryviu app, with full functionality, to send emails to customers asking them to review your products with attractive offers. The primary purpose of asking for reviews is to show them that their reviews and feedback are valued. 

Keep your Customers Excited.

Whenever we order something that we need the most, we will be excited until the product arrives. The same goes for your customers who shop at your store. Once they make an order, they will be excited and eager to receive the product to look at it and use it. So, why keep them on their toes and excite them for the product they are about to receive? 

Creating hype is more than sending your customers order details and shipping information. Instead, there are various things you can send before the product arrives. For example, let's say they have purchased a pair of jeans from your store. You can send them colorful images showing they can style them in different styles using the jeans they have ordered. Show that they will look beautiful by matching the jeans with the t-shirt or casual shirt. 

Let's consider another instance: a customer ordered a skin care product. Send them the various benefits the product offers. Please send photos of the customers who used and benefited from the product. These ideas will work and make your customers keep coming back and be excited until the product arrives. 

You can do this with the help of email marketing. Send emails to the respective customers about the product. 

Make the Exchange Process Easy.

Make it easy for the customers to return a product if they need help finding it fit. Help people to return the product they don't enjoy using. Ensure your motive is to retain happy and satisfied customers using your product. So, implement instant exchanges and make the returning process straightforward. 

Customers who exchange products are more likely to purchase again than those who do not. So, ensure two things: if a customer loves your product, ask them for a review or feedback about it. If not, ask them to return the product and get a better product than that. 

These are two ways you can make your customers' shopping experience smooth and easy. The exchanges can help you realize where to improve your product's quality, and easy businesses will enable customers to trust your product and brand. 

During the exchange process, show them various ways that they can exchange the product. For instance, they can exchange the product and get back the dollar they spent. Or, they can exchange the product and get another product they wish to purchase. The customers will appreciate these various options